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  • Hi Angio,

    You still active.?

    flowerpowergirl x
  • [url][/url]
    Good New Born Day Blessings Sweet Angio :)
    Hope You And Wolfie Are Feeling The Love Peace Happiness...Saw This And Thought Of You So Wanted To Send You This To Make You Big Sunshine Smiles:))) xx
  • Woop Woop ...Yayyyyy Hello And Blessings Of Love And Light My Beautiful Sparkling Sweet Angio xx I Be Sooooo Happy And Hypo Bouncie To See You Back:))))
    Sending You All My Lovezzz And Mahoosive (((Hugggs)))) xxxx
  • Hi Ya My Sparkling Angio:)).....Hope You All Be Well This Beautiful New Born Day :))....Have A Great Weekend xx Sending You Love And Light And Blessings Of Good Luck And Lots Of Bounce Bouncie Ones Too hehehe xx ...I Be Lovinzz The Beautiful Pic Of Wolfie Tooxx
    My Love And Hugggs ..Danann xx
  • Hi Angie hope all is good with you ....... I'm still struggling on....had an interview last week for a job but no luck...... trying to get a job with b.t. now in the Exeter call center...... still doing Book here at the moment....we did the external respect festival a couple of weeks ago and took over £950 on the two days and last weekend I was at 3 wishes faery fest stewarding.... don't get on you that often..... mainly to try and keep in touch with Emma dilemma and you....... back using the stick to walk any distance and,can't remember if I said been diagnosed with c.o.p.d ...... trying to sort out disability stuff again next week
    Anyway hope to hear from you soon
  • oh dear i hope youre ok Angio?
    just saw your post.
    Drat you cant join the circus now can ya! ;)
  • Hello sparkling Angio xx ...Thought I Would Pop On And Say Big Hugggs Of Love And Laughter To You And Wolfie xx ...Hope Your Doing Great xx
    Love And Peace Sweet Angio And Always Keep Sparkling Beautiful And Bright xxx
  • Hello Angio Youve been Quiet recently! Hoping you are safe and well in West Yorkshire and have not been too affected by the floods.
    Ive seen it on the news - its awful. Parts of Scotland have been damaged badly by the floods too.
    Anyway hope you are well and warm and dry Angio :)
  • Awwwww....omgoshhhh....wowwwww.......hehehe
    That pic is the Cutest Thing Ever Sweet Angio xxxxx .....And tbh does look like Beautiful Ellissa hehehe:))

    Thank You Soooo Much you are Totally Awesome And Always Make Me Silly Goofball Smile With Your Pure Kindness And Caring Thoughts :))
    Thank You Soooo Much Dear Special Friend O Mine Sweet Sparkling Angio :))
    Blessings Of The Goddesses I Ask Of Them To Always Smile Down And Bless You With Their Love And Light So You May Always Feel Their Love And Light Always :)) xxx
    (((HUGGGGGS)))) xxx
  • Oooops Silly Lil O Meez hehehe:))
  • Not at all, was just worried it was a reflection of your mood...
  • Ahh gee thanks Angio. You friendship has been accepted gladly.
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • Mornerink Angi..........yeah, friends is great.............lucky to have one in you xx
  • Hi Angi...........I'm o.k. I a nasty crack on my right foot,,,,,,,,,,the one with the toe on penecillin to clear that up........been working at both Book Cycle and Revolution today.....had a hard time recently with two people I know passing from the festival circuit and the other from Book Cycle.....add onto that my best friend Julie's dad has terminal cancer and fell backwards down the stairs ate the family home the other day.......still, Julie and I are really close friends....never be anything more than that as she doesn't see me as partner material.....and ,if I'm really honest, the thought of us getting together would end up tearing us apart I her to bits, but as friends
  • Yay !! xx
  • Well...........I made up for you on mine......Julie and me had a nice drinkie,dancin' and spliffing time on mine............and we both broke even on the event as well
  • Thanks Sweetie............just make sure you're o.k. xxx
  • Back on the 18th............I was away in Clovelly , North Devon with my best friend Julie working at a Faery Fayre and ball
  • Well.............seeing you missed mine this year...............thought I'd take the high ground...........hehehehe xx
  • You seen like a really nice, kind warm and funny person, happy Bday. :)
  • Thanks for all your likes! Slipknot you sure? Cool. I try and watch all your music videos, at least the ones that pique me interest, I'm on a data plan though.:)
  • Too much she can't/won't let go off from the past Angi........she split from me twice in the short time we were together.....we'd spend a few nice days together and then she would go all weird and not want to see me leaving me confused and terribly upset...........I'm not perfect I know, but pretty much the innocent one in all this
  • :hippy:morning N :)am viewing 13 new grooves and then you guessed it ...bound to wander:waves:
  • Morning Angio,,,What are you doing up, is it walkies time already lol
  • Ok not sure the last message sent properly ( silly me) tried to send you pic of a wolf but visitor message will not allow me to send pics for some unkown reason hmmm.... so if you dont get th pic here i will send it on the forum Hope your friday fun one xx[panic] :hippy:
  • Gppd Morning Lass Hope your Friday is a f -f -f -f Fun one!
  • Ooops hahaha bounce bounce ....Thanks My Sparkling Angio...I did not know hehehe (Hugggs))) i get a bit bouncie !! Hahahahaha xx
  • Goodmorning,
    And doesn't he just look like the King of the Couch !, Absolutely lovely,
    What you up to today, is that walk in the picture you posted a regular thing, or do you travel around a bit ?.
    I'm going to head out to Eastbourne and for a few day's, it's just GLORIOUS.
  • Hi Angi
    Obviously there's a few bits of baggage with us both..I'm nearly 57 and Sarah is nearly 47.
    Mine is ,basically, I've never really had much luck (?) in relationships etc
    Sarah has a syndrome similar to M.S. which means she walks with a stick, sometimes having to use her wheelie.........also she's had a few , how to put this, not mice guys in her life and both her sons have issues .
    But none of this puts me off her a jot.....she has a wonderful smile and I just want to help her show that more........soppy git ain't I ? lol