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  • Hey *waves* was great to finally meet you ?
    • Thanks, for being nice, found it a bit bewildering.
    • I still get really nervous myself and tend to hide in the van sometimes ? Are you glad you went though?
    • Yes it ticked boxes (hell i ve really written that), i feel a user i needed this place these people to help me i maybe helped a few people on the way i hope, but the reality i hate to say is i dont really think i belong in this society culture, lifestyle, hence uncomfortable, somehow, people want to now want to meet up with me, but if i am brutally honest i realise i like my space and some of my neighbours and i guess i am so far removed from the counter culture lifestyle but it helped me online for so long maybe i took over this place became an institution on here, bit mental really. I am a total square peg in a round hole society, where i live its farmers and semi retired and i guess wanna be yuppies, i weirdly fall in this society as the local bloke who does the manual work. Maybe iam a dick who knows just felt a bit nervous about people i know but dont know rocking up to see me.
    • Oh god now i ve offended,
      really nice people tottally differant backgrounds takes on life yet we all seem to get on, guess like a load of kids at the first day of school, no prejudices, but all very differant yet accepting. What i decesfered yesterday was there was no illussion from what i saw.

      i am maybe a more complex/messed up person. I either say balls to it and join become part of this thing, in real life and online, or i do what most people do, have another world that i dip my toe in now and again.

      As i can be a stress head, and live in ywuppiesuberiavillageland.

      I am happy being a toe dipper,
    • didn't offend don't worry. I'm out and about searching for plumbing fittings and everywhere is shut! We are all from different backgrounds yes and we can participate as much or as little as we like/are comfortable with. I'm a loner. I spend most of my time working, my life revolves around scaffolding or cars ? I'm a massive introvert and it's taken years to realise that that's fine. I have moments when I can be social and moments when I freak. I find being around people incredibly draining and need somewhere to retreat to. My first gathering was 2010. It's taken me this long to be brave enough to have conversations and even now I struggle with large groups. I cope far better in one to one situations. UKH has helped me realise that everyone has their own battles and that's fine. We all are different. We all have lives away from it. I think the good thing about ukh is that the nature of it being online and anonymous means we are very open about everything where as usually things are not discussed and kept behind closed doors
  • To go back to these old relationships more often than not ends in disaster and more heartache. If you need to talk it through gor just hear it how I see it just pm me. For some reason this mobile app isn't letting me pm out, but I can reply to them & I can share my private email addy with you to make it more private. Stay in touch gee & don't crash.
  • Mate, you are going to be tearing yourself apart. Your love and feelings alone for your dads health and wellbeing is enough for any kid to have on their mind. Add to that the stress you've had for now must be 4 years with your job and family work issues. It's a wonder you ain't burnt out with just the thinking, never mind him not being well now himself. Could this (guilt) for the ex be away of further deflecting your struggles? Like you ain't got enough on your plate, you wouldn't do it consciously. But we blokes are strange creatures. I'm hoping you get reward for wading through those hard times. It's only a matter of time before you go the way your folks are requesting of go try it another way. You do get to take your skills with you though gee. So your well prepared. If you can try and distance yourself from the guilt ~involvement past and present with the ex. You will hopefully see more clearly.
  • Heyho and how's the roof thing going?? Any thoughts on the virtual real-estate move yet??
  • Hey you, how's it going? :)
  • Hey gee, how are things with you? xx
  • Hi Gee, how are things with you?
  • im fine ta waiting for some warmer weather. Any reason for the grumpyness.
  • Hello gee, how are you doing? :)
  • Hiya how you doing? havent been on for a while. Hope you are well.
  • Sorry for the late reply Gee, you have been to more places than me, I have a lot of exploring to do! :P
  • 6ft 4? Flippin' heck, that IS tall:p I have no idea where I'm off at the moment, I have very little money, I'd like to go travel across Europe but Europe is unbelievably expensive. There are places I'd love to see in the UK though, I feel like I'm in the arse end of the world in Wales:p Where have you travelled in the past?
  • Oh gosh, I've never heard of citric acid build up, it sounds painful! Are you tall by any chance? I know that height can put a lot of pressure on your joints as well.

    I'm studying a BA in Education and Psychology, not sure what I'm going to do afterwards at the moment, I think I'm going to have a gap year, relax and travel for a bit, I want to see a bit of the world and I desperately need a break from uni work before I go on to do an MA and things, the stress of the last few years is getting to me.
  • I didn't get too much of a hangover :angel: I'm a very sensible drinker ;). I don't think gardening is boring at all, I'm not sure about farming though... I'm assuming you aren't a vegetarian then? :P Where abouts do you want to go travelling to? You should go for it!!
  • Aww, it sounds like you had a nice day:) Monday tomorrow! Eek! I have an important meeting with a lecturer to go to tomorrow and I think I might have drank a little too much wine tonight :o Work for you tomorrow? What do you work as?
  • Het not bad Elfie how u doing!
    I ve been doing most mundane things today messing about with things, washing up clothes dishes moving wood meesing about woth me log burner, playing me huitar badly, went to me folks for lunch, nit a bad day really how about you.
  • Gee! :waves: how are you doing?
  • To be fair though, wallow all you want, it is the time of year for it. Just a little worried for you.
  • Gee, cheer up this minute. I mean it. You don't want angry hippies on your case, they say they are peaceful but . . .
  • Hahahahaha I am not that bad for tutting !
  • Life's cocked up plan, you mean life's wonderfully winding path of intricately, interesting, intertwined uncertainties, twists and turns, spirals, comedies and tradgedies?
  • Hey Mr Gee, Hope you are feeling all happy and hippy and positive and what not. Though, I say this because I ge the impression you haven't been.

  • Me ? I look like a tree obviousely. Just with.... a bit of a human shape :P.
    Um, I am quite tall, a little larger than I'd ideally like, with quite curly hair and glasses. I often wear really bright colours, that's what people tend to notice about me think. So yes to the Northerner accent then?
  • Gee don't change your avatar picture because you know how I said you make me laugh, well you wouldn't half so much if I didn't hear everything you say in the voice of Neil. I think I've finally figured out that that is the funniest thing. I suppose you have a northern accent in real life? Merry christmas mate :) x
  • well mate you have a ttr250 to me thats a real bike i love them , one of my mates had one but thought he needed a bigger Enduro as i have a xr600 i Really tryed to talk him out of it but No he was going to have a bigger bike so went out and got a ATK600 that would throw him off nearly every time he went off road . Keep The ttr mate there great bikes , have a look at the big group all my bikes are on there I also have a suzuki sv1000 that everyone tells me is a street fighter but i prefer to call it a modern cafe racer .
  • thanks mate:)
  • thanks mate yeah life seems to be a grind theese days work used to be fun and a joy now its a slog, i miss an old dude i used to work with who retired he was a little but left leening and spot on but a bit of a moaner but he had done this dusty ole job for 40 odd years i now see why he moaned!but hey i sung that song today and it cheered me up :)
  • No it wasn't meant to be sarky, ?I often break out into song and that's a great Tennesee Williams number.
    But really the song has parallels, working in dusty unhealthy conditions with no expectations of it improving ;)
    Times haven't changed that much for many folk since that song was penned.
  • thankyou i will always try and remember that, bless your heart.;)
  • Being positive helps, it's not our situation that defines our experience of life, but our perspective :)