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  • At the sicence museum in Birmingham there playing wish, dark side and the wall in the planterium!! As well as some trance all to space and pyschadelic projections, i so want to go! Shame i wrote my car off yesterday! lol. I need to get some more camel albums, i only have 2 focus songs, i usually stream of utube, if theres an album i really like i'll get it on vinyl :D I have the same dmp jacket XD But its coverd in studs and patches, lol. I'm so jealous, i really wanted to go soni, purly to see Bill Baily play Metalica on horns, lol.
  • Most of the time i read the instructions, but i thought, ahh its only a usb connection and a quick assinment, let install wizard work its magic, hell no, i gave up in the end to save frustration, i'll have another try at some point, lol. Gotta love ambient trance man, gives me simlar vibes to when i sit back and listen to darkside :) First time i listened to Camel i wasnt that into it, but i gave it a chance, i love the snow goose, although the names a bit odd, lol. Love a bit of focus man, crazyness and great music put into one, cant go wrong, lol. Ahh yeah, i'm wearing that shirt now XD I have so meny floyd ones, i just wear them till they fall apart, blue levi's, black band tshirt and boots, thats all i ever wear XD
  • I do love hooking everything up and raving it up XD I much prefere the look and build quality of the original but the new one is so much more user friendly, it might be easy to hook up, probs my incompitence and my inner man telling me not to read the instructions XD I love prog man, although King Crimison and Yes are a bit much for me, bit to Jazzy but i love court or the crimson king. Floyd, genesis, amon duul, camel and loads of others, you?
  • Tbh alot of Yamaha synths are...rubbish unless you want cheesey FM sounds, they've moved on alot but i'm not a massive fan, my CS1x was a new generation in the late ninties, hence the nice trance patches, i also like the action of the keys and the edit functions. When i went to try the XL i had it set up next to an original, played both, sound wise, very similar, but both have there own charactaristicsssss (man that was a long word, spelt badly XD) The XL is alot more user friendly and can be connected to a computer, i'm buggerd if i can work out how to do it, no luck so far, i know my stuff and my gear but that thing is beyond me, lol. This vid is pritty good, [video=youtube;HLiZI2X2YBU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLiZI2X2YBU[/video] Man, i'd love an arp, those things are lush! plus some of my fav keyboard players used them loads (Rick Wright, Tony Banks) I want to go to a festie like now, after watching the glasto highlights i'm getting desparate XD
  • I am a self admitted synth nerd XD Dont worry i wont go on about analog is better than digital blah blah blah XD Although i prefere a nice old unstable analog lump, lol. Wouldnt mind an MS2000, my college had one, nice bit of kit! I think every synth fan wants a mini moog, thats like saying a guitarist dosnt want a gibson of fender, lol. Currently i'm using a Yamaha CS1x, mainly as a midi controller but its got some nice arp patterns and trance patches :D Also got the new microkorg, not that impressed tbh, might sell it and get DSI mopho :D I missed Def Leppard, gutted! was passed out in a bush somewhere XD Caught the end of System, they were amazing of course! Tbh i enjoy the atmosphere and meeting new people more than the music at festivals most of the time!
  • They used to do great deals in there, new juno, lucky gig! mind you i'd prefere an original, or polysix, anywho, lol. Download was sick man, the line up for soni is good but i preferd download, plus i bought the ticket before the whole line up came out :P Sweet man, cant knock a free festie ticket! I actually have no idea who's on at days, i just like the vibe and a few friends want to go.
  • Yeah, you are replying, lol. Was it pmt or digital village? there pritty good, not cheap tho! I went to Download, got a few little ones lined up, might hit beautiful days, yourself?
  • Hey, took me a while to get used to the whole forum thing, lol, i'm currently residing in beautiful Romford, lol
  • Hey dude, welcome to the forum, fellow londoner i see, where abouts in londonium are you? :)