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  • Hey ppl,
    Not been on this site v. long but really impressed by what I'm seeing. I found your group 'alternativelincs' but can't seem to get anywhere with it on-line. (If I'm doing something wrong let me know)! I hang around Lincoln and Lincolnshire when I'm not working - is the invitation to drop-by still open or have things changed (as they sometimes do)? I'll bring alcohol!
    Talk soon, ollie.
  • Hi Rosie, today is bed and soup day! ..... and carry on films :D
    After that I have nothing planned for the next week or so, so I'm definately be up for a mooch anytime soon, any ideas on where and when?
    It looks like being very cold next week, but dry, perfect weather for soup after a stroll :)
  • Hey, and hi to you Rosie :)

    I am definately up for a wee stroll sometime soon, not tomorrow though 'cos I'm planning on staying in bed all day with books and soup :)
  •!!!! I'm going to be 42 this Sunday!!!! And for some reason, i just got it into my head that you were a young 'un.......probably from something what i read on here at some point...don't know what though!!
  • I'm 41 years old lol
  • Really! Aw, bless!! So, not many years ago then????? ARE just a whipper snapper aren't you?!!
  • Cool!! I will let you know when I am all festived up!!......rosie
  • The first time i ever drove a vehicle was in the grass field on the corner that goes behind the big house , I was 8 and it was a ford dexta tractor .
  • I'm an Engineer , my family have lived in Helpringham/ swaton all of my life , I went off travelling for about 5 year then came back to the village . I love the road past your friends place it's great on my old bike , I looked at the bungalow and land that your friends have , and i'm a bit nosey i like to see what there up to being a traveller sort . If you want to meet up let me know when your going to be up here and i'll come say hello .
  • lol last weekend i was out that way on my BSA and a old colly dog was crossing the road from the field to the back of the bus , i stopped to let the dog cross , there was a guy there with a beard watching the dog that stopped and had a good look at me lol . I'm about 2 miles from there .
  • Now I'm from Helpringham . You don't own the big yellow bus do you ?
  • Im near Sleaford as well , where about are they ? Have you seen the sunset's we get wow there great , and loads of wild life we have a herd of red deer near us now . I,m a real country boy at heart .
  • Hi :) yes i get carried away with the time, it's 10 past 1 now!
    And i havent really no. Well, not properly anyway, so i am a bit of a forum noobie haha. But it seems to be quite simple, plus the people on here are fantasticly friendly :) Like yourself, i feel i will be on here often.

    And i would love a cuppa with my plumped cushion thanks! Come sit down and have one with me :)
  • Hi!

    Ah....yeah, we looked at a house in Ringstead I think. We have lived in Bozeat ...twice! I've worked in wollaston.

    Your name isn't Anita is it?

    We are in Sharnbrook/ last village in Beds before Rushden....and did you know that Peter Crisps had closed???

    I'm rosie by the way!
  • hello!
    from rushden take the 605 east towards raunds, and at the roundabout with the BP station at mcDs take a left into ringstead, only about 4 miles i think!
    you can get to us on foot through stanwick lakes too.
    i have also lived in rushden, higham, wollaston, woodford.........and i work in welly.
    seems the northants hippies are coming out of the closet at last :D
  • Hi 8-ball, yes, so am I ....have only just spotted the great big red tab at the top that says i have a new message, and its 1.30am....again!!
    Have you been on any other forums before? this one seems really well thought out, clear and simple to use!
    I feel i may be on it a lot!!

    Would you like a cuppa with your plumped cushion?!! x
  • Hello! How are you? Hope you're settling in well, I'm slowly getting the hang of things haha :)