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  • Eeek that must have been like one of those scary dreams where something bad is happening and you can`t shout out!! Nice one though another one saved :D
  • my isp keep cutting me orft the igoogle is leaving us...blast the super highway ....:insane:
  • blinkin heck that was well fast...:Dxx
  • all done look for postie...lappy probs :waves:
  • morning brave girl-:clap: two pairs en route / bound at 9...xx:D
  • lol capitals keep shoutn out...on my table are bluetones for ya i will need an addy to post to and jam would be yummy but too messy...:D
  • AWW I WILL GET ONTO THEM ..ANY PREFERENCES..;like small lettering:whistle:jam wont mail well but i will let you off kes,miracle beads shine:waves:xx
  • shame on my slovenly ways kez:Si never check my stuff:rolleyes:i hope you can find it in your big fluffy heart to let me off with a warning and a small finei will make you some shiny earrings just pm your colours and details-my new tools are due nxt week:waves:xx
  • eeh lass you werent on my list of fiends:eek:infamy ooh sorry xx
  • That's what i meant, sorry. Okay, I will do. I'll try to arrange with AstralBat so we arrive about the same time for you :) My phone number is 07951 799 997 if need to contact me, I have my phone more often than I am on here
  • Oh Yes Bk :thumbup: I have kept written records throughout & kept all 34 texts from him, t'was a pity I couldn't have recorded his calls too & when I am away, will contact E.H. etc. who should then give him a surprise.. :eek:
    He is deffo a piece of work, who is in need of 'Comeupence'.. :D xx
  • Sought advice from Shelter, didn't give them any l.lord details but it's down on record, should the :shitfan:
    They wanted to involve The Council & E.H. etc. But who wants to stay in a Stressful environment anyway ? :wall:
    Think they thought I was exaggerating.. Little do they know.. :eek: It's even worse.. But I cant speak of it or I could end up 'Dead'.. :death:
    I have found out lots about his 'Dealings'.. & very Naughty Tactics, to get his Own way.. :omg: One couldn't write the 'Script'.. :rolleyes:

    Though there is a course of Legal Action I can take BUT he doesn't play that way, so it wouldn't be worth persuing, ending up with a mega headache, so it's best just to move on & leave him to it.. :insane: May have to trust to.. 'Karma'.. :lee: Or another way.. :scarlet:

    I'll give you a shout, as/when I need the Cavalary to pay him a visit, that should rattle his cage. :panic:
    He's getting away with 'Allsorts' of.. :insane: stuff..:curse: FPG xxx :D
  • Hi BK :waves:

    Thanks for your msg & for taking time to 'think' about me & my situation, which remains unchanged. :whistle:
    Sought advice from 'Shelter', just for the record. :S
    After landlord sent me a text saying, if I didn't like it, to go. Last female tenant after complaining, had a visit from a 'Kickboxer' who kicked the door in, assaulted her & told her to leave, days later she had gone. :S
    But I am making alternative enquiries, to find something else now, as I can't tolerate this situation for much longer. :( Will let you know of any outcome. :thumbup: Take Care BK. Try not to work so hard. FPG x :hippy:
  • [URL][/URL]:waves:
  • Aw god, he looks so good, just right for our situation, but there is a £150 fee, we have so many things we need to buy at the mo' I just can't justify buying a dog now. I know charities need to fund treatments etc but I could only take one on free of charge right now.
    Hey thanks for thinking about us though Kez.
  • Hi glad to know my post helped, castor oil was known way back as Palma Christi - due to the leaves looking like hands- so 'hands of christ' I really hope it helps. here's a good supplier : [url][/url] feel great soon! :)
  • eyup madam :Dglad your rainbow legs less sore,i wasnt aware we got more snow due...der i need to fill my freezer for lobo im low on caviar lol be careful ya dont faLL heh xx
  • On the way , thanks
  • Should make the night go with a bang !
  • OK , enjoy your sprouts responsibly :whistle:
  • Is that the one you mean ?
  • [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana] halve them and stir fry with garlic, chilli ,black mustard seeds and garam masala.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  • Thats the one , I'm hoping to go on Daisy my drz400 dirt bike , it'll be a slow ride from Lincolnshire but I'll be safer on her
  • I'm doing the Dragon rally in fed in north wales , next year :eek: why did i let them talk me in to it :rolleyes:
  • I love the old school rally , i do the end of the road rally in cornwall , its a field , beer tent ,band one food stand and a fire , its great and every year i go i meet the same people i wont see them for another year and its like there my best mate when i turn up . love it
  • lol yer , I've been doing bike rallys now more years than i can remember and I've not seen any trouble . I did here an argument once about a tree ????? that still makes me laugh .
  • Years ago at the Farmyard i was chatting to a shop owner in Helmsly and asked what they thought of us all turning up to the rally , they said we love it we take more money in the shop farmyard weekend than any other week of the year , and you make us laugh ? so much for being big hard scary bikers lol
  • Haha, I took my tiny 2 man tent and ended up sleeping in the day with my feet stuck out in the rain as I could not get my boots and waterproofs off, inches of mud up them. I spent Saturday telling folk to sleep in as they needed the side of the field to clear so they could open new gates, so I do hope most got off without too many accidents. My last shift was up at the top gate near the house. Bit spooky up there on your own, with trippy trees, think I was deffo suffering with exhaustion by then. I got lots of random hugs off drunken bikers much to the dismay of the fella's I was working with lol. They are not bikers and don't get it.
  • yer Farmyard made me think i need new kit ready for next year , I think if i go on one of the dirt bike the sun will shine lol . I reported a sheep that had its head stuck in the fence at farmyard lol , i did fill a tit having to tell the marshalls . I was worried about getting out at the Farmyard as i was there on my sv1000 that a bit tuned and got far to much power to be going across a muddy field but she was good to me and just ploughed straight out :)