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  • Life is good right now... I am looking forward to seeing your dangly bits in the creative section ( LoL can i rephrase that ) Ha ha ha.
    Are they stained glass? quick hurry up and put them on the arty farty page so i can see them
    Sam :)
  • Hello ma dear :)
    Just sending you a wee note to wish you well and hope you are having a smashing super dooper day. Have you been making anything creative lately?
    Tree x
  • Hi Jane
    I just checked out your facebook page and wondered of you had any triple wind catchers left? (In blue is possible) They look great, would they last outside hung in a tree ok?
    If so, I could pay you via paypal or send a cheque .... email me at [EMAIL="pdight@aol,com"]pdight@aol,com[/EMAIL] if it's possible and we could sort it out off list.
    Blessed be
  • hi gogorde here sorry about pms dont no what im doing,new to all this.thanks for your reply.
  • Hey Jane, Sinuses all cleared up now - turmeric brill stuff ( unless you have contra indications of course). I got absolutely soaked taking H to school this morning and had the hairdryer out as soon as I got home. The heavens just opened...needles to say it is clearing and there is even a glimpse of sun! Interview yesterday was with an agency and I am getting a bit sick of them - filling in loads of forms and then nothing...they are all saying the same thing, Feb and March will be new job releases when the budgets for next year are set. Thanks for the link by the way - am just about to get stuff out and get crafty - I need a break from form filling. You are right about a good relationship adding another ( positive ) dimention to the self. I just think it would be nice but I have always steered clear as I have to take H into account. But let's see if the universe thinks it's right. At least I'm open to suggestions now! Have a lovely day flower, xxx
  • Morning flower! yes missus you are right and I am still confined to barracks although I am feeling much better - I have an interview tomorrow. It's sitting in my sinus so have a stonking headache as a result. I had forgotton about your ulcer flower. But tumeric was amazing with the anaemia - my iron levels are really good now. I dont have any creative projects on the go at the moment but a friend of mine has a birthday on Saturday and I really need to get my act together and make something funky! No idea what, but hey ho!! It is so good to hear that you are feeling so up. Being happy makes all the difference doesn't it? I am feeling much much happier these days, but it's about being close to peeps who you really love I think too. I am even thinking that I might be brave enough to have a bloke in my life!!!! ha ha!!! I'm sure the universe will sort that out too. Have a beautiful day flower!!! Peace light love and hugs, Bee xxx
  • Morning flower!!!! Feeling better and got a right telling off from Evs. I discovered this last year when one of my old senior practitioners suggested I look at ayurvedic treatments for anaemia. might help with your arthritis ....[URL][/URL]
    Have a lovely day!!! xxx
  • you got one of them man things :clap: can he make fire and stuff ?
  • Isn't feeling happy the best? I am going to bed happy and waking up happy and I am totally brassic at the mo with no job! But that will come - just a bit shocked by the ageism at the last interview I went to! We are settled and even have an allotment now. The only thing I miss about our old house is the view over to Wales! Sorry we never got to do the stained glass together - was hoping to do a bee with you. Also wish I had done my mosaic in the kitchen on boards but have a nice space on a wall to do something here!!! Do you think you could do a house exchange from Angelsey to Lancaster? xxx
  • weve been all over the place :) we is all fine `sand very happy , and will be up in the lakes again very soon yaaaah , what you doing in lanc
  • hello you xxx I hope its not to windy for you :) tho the wind does make nice big waves
  • hey jane

    not sure if i will be on here much - seems to be a problem with my password.... but will stay in touch with you on the normal internut.

    hugs xxx
  • morning lovely

    just popping in quickly. going to london at the end of of the week - to view a flat and see someone abiout work not in the health field but in wht i used to do......seriously thinking of moving back down. need to have the family closer together and evs is going to be moving down so.....

    looks like you guys had a brilliant day at leamington. our saturday was interesting and not all to plan....coming to a grinding halt! H performed his socks off at Africa Oye, and he was feeling really grog too. he'd had a sore throat cold temp thing all week but seemed fine on friday night and sat morning ....but when he came off stage he had a raging temp...his hands were freezing and it was n't cold....his temp was almost 40 when we got in. i was going to meet simon a new fella on here and ran out of battery on the phone when H was playing - only got about 2 seconds of footage before it died.

    hope all is good with you.
    peace light love and hugs

    bee xx
  • Just having a look now lol!
  • LOL!!! I'm doing it the other way round at the minute! I'm doing loads of accumulating of stuff, I speculate at some point I shall accumulate a living form it all! Would ebay be the best place to get that sort of thing dya think?
  • I just eavedropped (is that a word lol) on fire_fairy's wall, I am so going to get me some of that bake paint, my wife is onna be cursing you when there's even more stuff cluttering up the place lol! x
  • Thank you so much for that!!! I am going to have so much fun now I know what to use... I've always wanted to get creative with glass :)

    How are you doing?? x
  • Thank you so much for that!!! I am going to have so much fun now I know what to use... I've always wanted to get creative with glass :)

    How are you doing?? x
  • hello lovely - it appears that now i have told talk talk i am leaving because they are crap i now have a service!!!! i have been signed off work for another 6 weeks, all sorts of things have popped up including i have less blood in my system than i should - about 1/3rd less and doc thinks i might have a slow internal bleed somewhere so will have to start investigations....
    apart from that have been looking at renting a car and popping over....i really need to come and get some spring water.

    hope all is well with you - am still knitting like mad....

    have a beautiful day - it looks lovely and clear in your direction!

    bee xxx
  • morning flower - warm here but a bit overcast! i walked h to school ( had a rest when i got there, lovely school sec let me in to have a sit down as i was really puffy - the staff are really supportive of the parents.) finished knitting the waistcoat yestedray ( it has bee buttons on it) and started a project for free spirits baby gwen - should finish that this evening! btw - i have now emptied my in box!!! xxx
  • afternoon jane!!! what a lovely day it's been - i've even been outdoors - before you tell me off i had to go to the po and the bank - but i only did the short walk to the bus stop, went to the p o and then another short walk to the bank had to send money to # 2 son to cheer him up so he can at least get a pizza for him and his lovely girlfriend as a treat and have a little spare £ in pocket -( he's very down and dispondant as he has had a zillion interviews for jobs and hasn't got one yet), met a mate ( who might come to angelsey with us) and had a coffee and then another short walk to the next bus stop to get the bus home! so i've been pacing myself! won't go out again for a good few days - no reason to!!! hugs, bee xxx
  • hello darlin! well recovery is going to be really slow - i am very anaemic (sent you a text btw) iron level at 4.1, safe level at 11, low normal level 15. going to send a pm for the rest.... bee xxx
  • morning flower! it's a lovely day here - evan is going to take time off work to take me to the docs. will give you a call when i get back. have a beautiful day lovely! hugs xxx
  • had a temp last night - spoke with the doc today and am going to see him tomorrow morning. feeling really rough. no telling off - i'm feeling crap enough. that's me giving me a karmic trip!!! it's really stormy here and looks like tomorrow is going to be worse xxx
  • [IMG][/IMG] [B][COLOR=lime][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]good morning flower! [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][IMG][/IMG]
  • yes missus - not going anywhere - have been doing a lot of sleeping, not much knitting and a bit of playing on here - now i am making tomato soup and tattie scones for tea! v simple and easy.....evs is taking a 20min break from work and getting H from after school club. xxx
  • morning petal! think i might have been overdoing it - i have barred myself from leaving the flat today.... not feeling great. just found the propolis so will start having this too. and honey and garlic.... have a beautiful day... xxx
  • hello lovely! just droppin by to say hello. a mate is coming by with food - woohoo. i am camped in the living room - when i came home from the hossie walking into my bedroom was like walking into a wall, the energy was horrible. am going to have to get the smudgestick out! hope you are having a wonderful weekend. peace light and love, bee xxx
  • hello lovely! just droppin by to say hello. a mate is coming by with food - woohoo. i am camped in the living room - when i came home from the hossie walking into my bedroom was like walking into a wall, the energy was horrible. am going to have to get the smudgestick out! hope you are having a wonderful weekend. peace light and love, bee xxx
  • Hi Jane :-),

    I had a nose at your site, wow! I just love the guitars, I've been eying up mine that's sat in the corner waiting to be played with since my wife bought me it last year! Does it change the sound do you know? Or are the ones you've done purely decorative?
    What kind of things did you do in the kiln? Are there pics on your site? I got sidetracked by the gorgeous mosaicing and did'nt get to looking at anything else
    I cannot wait to get started on the kiln stuff. But I'm gonna have to :-(, it's just far too big for me to set up in the house. If we were'nt renting it would'nt matter and I'd get started straight away but I'm worried about it damaging anything.
    I'm glad you like my stuff, thanks :-). If yer interested I'm on facebook, junkitlove and on etsy, the shop is the same name.

    Thanks for your message x