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  • Hi Duckman, nice to hear from you. I have had poorish eyesight since a kid, an hereditary thing on my mother's side, partly. So I do have reading glasses for close stuff (can't stand bi-focals), and as you say, daylight is sure best, or old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, or quartz halogen next best. I find my eyes tire quickly when working under LED lighting for more than an hour or so. I use f.lux on my desktop pc and laptop, this comes on as the evening gets dark outside, and can be changed in brightness as required. So more restful to the eyes than a bright white screen. It's here:
  • Hi Keith, If you have had good eyesight most of your adult life, in you more senior years it is normal to find reading glasses helpful. If you are reading off paper, daylight or quartz halogen lighting is best.
  • Hello ,
    In a post earlier, I refer to you as- good ,old honest ,lefty, old Keith. No sarcasm ,or slur intended, Quite the opposite
  • Hi Keith - would you add me for the hi-vis UKH licence plate type one. How do I send a private Message with my email for the PDF; I can see you convo with orchid wolf from here! Rab
  • thanks for accepting friend request look forward to chatting matey xx
  • thanks for welcome matey