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  • No hard feelings. I once started a thread on being corrected in the Philosophy forum. I heard about the origin of shit on a Radio National program where an author of a new book on sewage was being interviewed. Even though Radio National is the equivalent of Radio 4, they can still get things factually wrong. I am not sure why anyone would want to spend money on a book about sewage but there you are. The programs website is [url][/url]

    What is dark about you part of Berkshire? I grew up in Henley-on-Thames that is technically Oxfordshire bur we visited Reading far more often than Oxford.
  • Yes, nearly nine years now, Muffy, moved here when I married a Brit. Haven't been back to the US since 2002 - long story. I was intrigued by your presence here! How's this weather treating your arther-itis?
  • Good morning, Maragold. Noticed you are an American ex-pat, as am I! Just wanted to say hello to a fellow immigrant! x