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  • Been collared into a barbeque over at the mum in laws on saturday now so won't be at the street fayre - i need an extra 4 days in a week LOL! can't believe its wednesday already this week :eek: sorry to hear the loo's at BGG were manky... straw bales, urine and sunshine mmmm mmmmmmmm lol :vomit: how's about a nice lunch at the Bear next Thursday?? xxx
  • Linden :D are you going to be at Nunney Street Fayre on saturday? xxx hope this finds you well. Been a mega crazy end of the school year but finally have some relaxing time :) if not at the Fayre shall we try n make some arrangements for lunch at the Bear possibly? :) have a great time at Big Green !!! xxxx
  • hi hun how was glasto? i got spent most of my time up the stones
  • hi i am bringing a telescopic ladder do u no the hight of the fence and the best place to get over ,sorry to be a pain
  • Aww thankyou Linden :D hope you have a lovely time at Pilton! Would be excellent to meet up when you get back. First week in July sounds good to me! Simon I thnk is in process of moving to Wales and Stardust has now moved out of Frome and I don't know where she is :eek: its been a really really strange month or so lol :) such is the way of hippies I spose! Weecab would be up for a meet I expect :) Tis no worries coming over your way - the kids are well used to bein driven about in the bus lol :) only way to get the little wotsits to have a nap some days!! :D Loadsa love and will see you after Pilton xxxx
  • Nah, I'm heading back to Wales on Wednesday. Will have to sort something when I get back. Pub sounds good, if I'm around will definitely be up for that!
  • Heya, how ya doing? Been away in Wales these last two weeks, back in Somerset though for a few days, would love to meet up if possible, I don't know anyone here now Stardust has moved back home!
  • Ooh now then missus... earlier on this evening (bout quarter to 8) were you and Rob out walking your dogs (black n white?) and did you smile at a lady in a big (handpainted with emulsion) green transit minibus just past the post office?? cos if you did that was me :D :D hehehe - was on my way to Coleford to go to an NCT group and I felt sure it must've been you!
    Just gettin back into the swing of term-time normality (all them bloody bank holidays have proper thrown me adrift) need to sit down with my calender and see whats what - Stardust has moved out of Frome and Simon is away for the next week or two but Weecab would be up for a get together i think :) Will come back to you with a few dates for a meet up :) Are you guys doing the Sunrise Festival?! Tis literally at the top of our hill - quite excited - hoping can hear Eat Static and Shpongle and Orb SoundSystem from our back garden :lol:
  • hey the tiger sleeves arrived this morning they are lovely, warm and comfy thankyou.... just an idea for the future you can totally ignore me if you want, im not sure how possible it would be to maybe put a lining in tghem to reduce the static, as they are very staticy at the moment even when you move your arms within the sleeves. it doesnt make them impossible to wear just rather itchy at times and they leave your arms feeling rather itchy for a while afterwards. like i say its not a major thing they are still lovely just wanted to give you the idea
  • I am sure i know your daughter by your sight you know! Not the lady I was thinking of but from your description I think I know who that might be lol :D ooh excitin hehe :D The Bear sounds fab - have never been there but driven past a kerzillion times :) I shall see what stardust n simon are up to this week and see if we can't sort something out. Are evenings better for you cos of work stuff? xx
  • We were trying to work out yesterday if we know your daughter at all... Simon said she has bright red dreads?? Is she called Fynn/Fiona by any chance?? Definatley up for a meet at some point :D they've re-opened the main road now through wanstrow so i can *nip* to frome again lol :D missing the drive up through the forest though - tis sooooo cool up there its lush :D Bright Beltane Blessings xxxxx
  • Maybe it is her. I'm in Redland Terrace so still very near. If I wasn't so shy the next time I saw her I'd say hello and ask!

    Yeah it's been a dry few weeks! There wasn't really that much rain mind you, just enough to wash the van windscreen :D

    Stardust lives up near the town centre, maybe next time you're in Frome you could pop in for a visit or something? She doesn't smell *too* much! :D
  • I've seen a woman with bright red dreadlocks a few times, I think she lives The Cooperage (which is right next to where I live), is that her?

    And thanks, you too! Did ya hear the thunder earlier?
  • Heya, blimey didn't realise you were that close! :waves:
  • I was just thinking the same thing Sarah!

    Hiiiii :wave:
  • Oh blimey you really are just up the road :D we used to live in Frome until the end of January so we may be faces that we recognise already from around town ? I used to work at the Cheese and Grain cafe until it changed hands a few years back so was always around on market days n stuff :) Stardust lives in Frome aswell so does Simon_99 :) be nice to have a meet up for cake sometime :D xxx
  • Hii :)