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  • Hey there Ginger,
    Congratulations and good luck with the baby! What's his /her name?
    Are you a professional actor or just involved in the theatre in some other way? I have done some drama lessons and would like to get into acting. I have done one and half days as an extra with fun and easy money. Pity I can't get more work like it.
    Some years ago you were asking about musicals and I mentioned The Singing Detective. So have you seen it in since? It is compulsive viewing if you are into musicals. There are complete episodes on YouTube but I prefer the DVD. When it was first screened I was just speechless after watching it as I think most people were. Some viewers were confused. Maybe some people would have trouble understanding the Gloucestershire accents but I did not as I hail from Oxfordshire that has a similar accent.
  • x x x :hug: x x x
  • *stalks your activity*
  • Hey my favourite ginger :P
  • Hi Ro, how did you get back? We waited an age for you Mon morning but no sign and I had to be back in London by 2. Hope all is OK with you! Mike S.
  • hey hey
  • enjoy your holidays missus and speak soon x x x
  • Yo stranger ~ hope things are good x x x
  • ello lovely!!
  • naughty me got an extension
    **must** get it in for tuesday though, or it'll hang over me forever and I'll start lunching the whole thing out . . . so please be nagging me (quietly) going to have an edit in the morning then have the weekend off from it.

    hope you okay x x x
  • hello rowan. it's kris from beautiful daze.
    told you i'd track you down.... sorry it took soo long.
    i had a really good time with you. hope uni is going well.
    looking forward to the summer?
  • x x x
  • woops! wrong link! hi hi
  • hi there
    any friend of camptress is a friend of mine! ginger or not (lol
    check out my freaky radio (free)
  • rowan smells like a guinea pig fart!!!!!


    loves ya :hug:
  • thanks x x
  • just about surviving ~ Nick's dad died suddenly t'other week, so been overwhelmed with that
  • hehe! she loved it! aw! dentist that not good, miss you lots lovely! have moved out now and am a nice friend lizzy's:). gonna knit a baby hat now big big hugsxxxx oh yeah put some pics up of you on post a pic thread:)
  • hello! [IMG][/IMG]look new hat for emily!!! hope you ok xx
  • hello bouncey one x xx
  • Happy Birthday me lovely. :D
  • WE lovely :) yay
  • you.......small :)
  • hello Ben! .. maybe you've gone now?

    love you Rowan ~ take care of yourself x x x
  • ello missus
  • i'm ok, but freezing cold just now, i'm waiting for my central heating to kick in!
  • heyhey gingerly one :) hows it going?
  • Helloooooooo me loverly