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  • Love the new avatar!! :D
  • Its a blimmin nightmare, it will sort out one way or another..but she has to go. she knows this and has a few folks on her case now.. I just hope she realises that all her crap is her doing and nobody elses...
  • as a beard fan i thought nooooo:panic:but it looks good if i may be so bold:hippy:
  • i like your face:D
  • Hello back to you.:waves:
  • Oi, you, look after yourself, be realistic, and see that you [I]are[/I] strong enough to face the fact that only you can make your life the way you want it. Think clearly, because only you have the power to put in positive thoughts and leave out negative ones. Every time you are not thinking clearly, distract yourself by doing something practical that comes under the category of [COLOR=#800000]looking after self[/COLOR] .
  • [IMG]http://i.mnpls.com/551/55189.gif[/IMG]

  • Congratulations, I didn't vote in any category because I don't know anyone well enough but if I had you'd have got my vote for the category you won and for the nicest member. Big hug to a lovely man.
  • Mein Auto is Kaput! so i am donning the overalls and fixing the damn thing myself - and then i will be down - promise!
  • alright chickpea?
  • Have a chilled and Happy Crimbo hun x
  • Hiya :), we're surviving ok up here thanks - definately a bit chilly though! Had a fresh fall of snow last night, so am mostly staying tucked in today. It's very pretty though! :)
  • Apart from puttng my hand in poo, all was good. There was a new dog called Flash ( stupid name - i renamed him Gordan) who i fell in love wth. Staff/beagle cross i thnk. So so cute, lots of cuddles wth him! I wish so much owned my own place then i would get him
  • it's my pleasure, lord s. the more the merrier i say! glad you are doing ok too xxx
  • hey :) do you ever go to eden? they are doing the residents for a fiver atm? we go quite often if you are ever around and want to meet for yummy foods and stuff :)
  • happy birthday twin!! :D
    have a great day
    immy x
  • please do visitors are always welome :)
  • I live in menheniot jsut outside liskeard I love your posts you always make good food if you ever up this way please visit :)
  • hey :) sorry in my head I had replied to you r post, hows life going and where are you now in this beautiful county? hope all good Vx
  • hey :) sorry in my head I had replied to you r post, hows life going and where are you now in this beautiful county? hope all good Vx
  • have u been anywhere in kent u look familiar 
  • :hug:
  • They are very wise words and I would completely agree. The fact that you are still communicating, especially so honestly.....although sometimes painful......means there is still hope. I really hope things go well for you and whatever the outcome you are both happy :)
  • Thank you :) How are you feeling today?
  • Hello :waves:
  • hola Lord Summerisle, i dont look in here that often. We're up in the SE of Kernow not far from Liskeard. x
  • hello fellow Cornwall dweller!!!