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  • Where are you?! Everything ok? x
  • Hey you, where are you? How are you? Hows the move going? Have you decided where you want to be yet? x
  • They're okay, thanks. And in your world? xxx
  • Hmmm, I'm sure Glastonbury would be a fab place to live but the scope for making a living would be tiny cos it's a flooded market ya know? Reki is a great skill to have, so many possibilities for you there! Doctors surgeries, hair salons, beauty salons, lots of those kind of places like to have a practitioner.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the baby front, but I promise not to ask if your practising lol!
  • Ahhhhh I know what you mean now :-), ta for explaining. Mothers day sounds wonderful, I bet that felt pretty special after so long :-). Yeh I know the kids love me and I love them, little twats lol!
    Would Northamptonshire be a good place for you to sell work dya think? I know that some areas of the country are more accepting and inviting of 'alternatives'. Is it just you and your wife? Or do you have kids? I think ipractically it must be easier to move when there's no kids and schooling etc to consider.
  • Oh hey! :-), that all sounds really really positive! I still don't know what a spirit stick is though, enlighten me please? So is it easy for your wife to move her job elsewhere? Do you have anywhere specific in mind or you gonna put a pin in a map?
    I'm not happy at the minute no, or rather, veery area of my life is fab apart from yesterday was shit and broke my heart (kids did'nt bother with mothers day, for some reason it really bloody hurt yesterday and for the first time I decided to tell them how it made me feel)
    Other than that all's fab, planting, making, suns out, selling, so yeh all good :-).
    Are you on FB? I'm Donna Carter, prtsmouth network I think, got a lampshade on me head lol
  • Aww you poor buggers :-(. I remember years ago when I knew nothing about benefits, totally skint living on £14.50 a week for a couple of months in the winter. We all had to go to bed fully clothed and me and the kids dad used to take it in turns to eat every other day. It'll get better x. I know what you mean about Spring, you can physically feel the earth rousing eh, and people have small smiles on their faces. So do you sell any of the things you make?
  • Bugger. The 'what so you want to be when you grow up'? Is a question like asking how long is a piece of string eh! Do you have anything in your mind that would be a dream job or are you starting from scratch?
  • Good morning :-), Shall I give you the polite 'everythings great answer', or the 'wellllllllll, one of the dogs has been really sick, thought he was gonna die the other day, everyone sobbing, dog laying in my lap looking up at me wimpering farewell. Took him straight round the vets, he's pretty fucked, knackered imune system rotting teeth dry eye, But with lots of medication we should be able to keep his stinky carcass going happy and healthyish for years :-). Me wife had surgery on her shoulderso she's been home for a while off work and me boy had tonsilitis lol! It's been like the house of plague round here.
    Other than that all good, I'm loving the spring, such a beautiful time of year when the world wakes up yawning and has a big stretch :-).
    How the devil are you?
  • i think i had to let it out, as after i had posted that post, in the 'how do you feel' thread, i felt... drained ? tiered ? where as before that post i felt wide awake.

    Peace, One Love
    Suki's dad
  • Thank you Rainbow Warrior, i totaly understand what your saying, though certain things just kind of linger in the back of my mind, especialy REALLY important things or events..... umm the things i mentioned that happend a few years ago were fairly big and devastating and had a massive impact not just on my life, but the lives of those that i was very close to at the time (some of those were, still are, very small and some not even here at the time). Unfortunatly these things have had a lingering effect on my life ever since, and still do..... Am i waffleing ?
    I know there is no point dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future, but it is always there in the back of my mind because of these devastating things or events... I think i am gibbering on....
    Thank you for your kind words, :hug:
    I am doing my very best to get the most good, (for ALL involved) out of a seriously bad situation.
  • Very well !!
    What a mad bunch of people posting in the forums, they really make me laugh sometimes. It is refreshing to see so much spontaneity.....and of course Barça beat Arsenal (sorry I am from Barcelona, can't help it)
  • Oh no! That's awful :( I hope you're feeling better soon! xxx
  • Thank you. It doesn't feel like it right now, but I'm sure you're right :) We just feel trapped at the moment x
  • Hi rainbow warrior :-),

    Lifes a bugger for getting in the way of doing stuff hey. It's always sodding well thwarting me lol! Thank you so much for those instructions. As I'm playing with rubber at the moment I might have a go at that. I'm thinking fantasy catcher rather than dream catcher. The kind of fantasies you can catch in it and take out to savour in your waking life. Thank you again x