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  • Happy birthday :cake:
  • [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#4B0082]Yes , very useful, thanks so much for that kindness x[/COLOR][/FONT]
  • :waves: [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#4b0082]hi and thanks for advice in canal site !![/COLOR][/FONT] :)
  • Morning lovely

    it's not about the property market in terms of buying and selling - I don't believe in land/property ownership - it doesn't sit right with me. I live in social housing and so I have to find someone to swap homes with and I have.

    When is your interview? And what's the job?

    H was really scared last night about going to bed - he was worried that the house would be burned down. They set fire to a car just up the road and we've watched the news too - perhaps we shouldn't when he's around. But I was buzzing about yesterday protecting my little bees!!!! However it was quiet last night although at about 9.30 there were several matrix vans that screamed up the road although nothing came of it.

    I am in college this morning - doing a sign language course.

    have a lovely day petal...
  • morning flower - no hun - not unpacking - i have to go to london next week to do the paperwork - by the time it all gets sorted out it will be October when we move....

    where did you get an interview - which part of the uk?

    we had riot police on our streets last night....8 matrix vans, canine units and a very pissed off me who went out and aksed the people standing around on the street outside my house if they lived here and if they didn't - fuck off. now i'm not one for sweary words...but i was furious. there was one guy in a mask, hoodie and gloves and i asked him if he was cold or if his intentions were to cause trouble then he was a dick head as he was helping to divide the community and that's what this is about - divide and rule.
    i badgered him until he left.
    have a lovely day flower.....hugs
  • It was H's birthday yesterday and we had a lovely family day out - we went over the river on the Ferry to Spaceport which he loved, then shopping, birthday dinner remember being 9!!!! thingy on Chatterbox I forgot to put his birthday on chatterbox yesterday - we had so much to do and by the time we finally got home all I could do was flop on the sofa with my feet up.
    I am starting to pack up the flat now....bringing in boxes to get this move going and changing the energy in the flat so it doesn't hold on to us. Like you I am also skint esp after yesterday but I hope that we'll be able to go up to Silverdale next week even if it is for a day to catch up with some of the hippies. We haven't been to a gathering in ages. It's miserable here today - heavy rain but really humid. My friend dropped me off some veggies from his allotment yesterday so I am going to make some Jamaican callaloo soup later. xxx
  • hello lovely

    How's things? How's the laryngitis? xxx
  • morning flower - thanks for the link for the tea!!! oh yum, cardamom. i love the smell of it too. the morocan coffee has ginger and cinnamon in it and it's absolutely delicious. miserable cloudy day here again....bleugh! have a lovely day. xxx
  • your coffee soiunds right up my street - i can't be doing with wishy washy coffee. i absolutely love berber coffee and lebanese coffee too. i have a swedish friend who always brings me interesting teas from sweden when she goes to visit. some are not nice but anything with cinnamon in it is wonderful!!!
  • morning flower

    i have been playing on here mainly since i woke up....but i need breakfast.....and deffo i need a coffee.....have a beautiful day my lovely friend!
  • good morning b! hope all is good with you. foul day here - rain and wind, it's supposed to be getting better later....mmmm.

    have a beautiful day

    PS to teach adults in the uk you have to have at least a PETLS diploma.
  • good morning b! hope all is good with you. foul day here - rain and wind, it's supposed to be getting better later....mmmm.

    have a beautiful day

    PS to teach adults in the
  • just pm'd you back!!! xxx
  • Thanks for that flower! You are such a star. I try not to fly if I can but also H loves trains and it is a way to see the country too a bit I guess, esp travelling to the arctic circle. I just checked out the exchange rate for the kroner which says £1= 0.097 kroner. I have to see health wise and work wise too.

    Have a beautiful day lovely

    peace light and love

    Bee xxx
  • we are going to fly from liverpool to that airport a thousand miles from stockholm - the one that the cheap airlines fly into but not until jan which is why i think i wasn't having any luck on the internet. H loves snow and i want to see the aurora! hope you are well petal! positive is always good!! hugs xxx
  • Hiya Sweet Bee!

    That sounds lovely! Sure, I'll do my best. Lappland is truely spectacular. But tell me what airport you will be arriving at. The prices vary from time to time also. So an aproximate date or time of year would help.

    I have no idea when I will be back. I have been looking for things to do though. Maybe rent a boat in September. I have also looked at diferent courses. A charity looking for volonters. And just the option of going anywhere and see what it has to offer on site. Stick a toothbrush in my pocket and just go. But...I'm skint at the moment and nothing isn't realy going to change with that for some time now. Need to sort my pension out first.

    Other from that, I'm trodding on. Trying to look at things in a positive way.

    Take care!

  • hey flower

    just popping by to say hello to you. i have been thinking of coming over to sweden for sometime now to go to an eco retreat in lapland with H so we can have lots of interesting experiences [URL][/URL]
    i have been trying to work out a budget for this and have been on a website for trains in sweden as we need to get a train up there (kiruna) but i can't get it to give me any idea of prices for the train. can you help flower? i just need a rough idea...

    am still knitting away......

    thanks for letting me know what your granny used to do with the lavender. i am wondering how many more of these really really cold snowy winters we are going to get here? i am thinking of getting some high altitude lavender which is quite different but the bee's will love it!!!

    hope all is good with you. when are you back in the UK?

    peace light and love

    bee xxx
  • Honey bee.....bzzz bzzz, buzy, buzy! My Swedish grandmother would wrap her lavendar in burlap (I think thats the word) in winter. Worth a try maybe. A bit less frugal would be that white unwoven stuff you can get in garden centers.

    Oh yes, one NEEEEDS a bit of knitting to stay sane! I'm still working my horribly boring EZ seamless. It's going to be a nice plain sweater though. Boring but nice.

    Thanx! Have a good one you too :)

  • ah - that was lovely! was it a bumble or a honey? i have bumbles that come to visit me at the window every day at the moment. we have a communal garden in the flats ( which is an old georgian conversion) and i am going to get some new lavender plants as last winter absolutely deaded the last ones. i need to get a different variety that will survive the really cold temps we had. the cherry blossom is out and they are happy i guess. there are lots of community groups keeping bees too so we get both bumbles and honey.

    hope all is well with you. i have been doing a lot of knitting recently, mainly sample patterns for kids. this is to stop me going nuts as i am stilll in recoperation) i have done a kids version of the hoodie that is in one of my albums and a couple of baby ponchos and am about to start another little wizards hoodie for a friend of mine's granddaughter. hope you have a beautiful day! xxx
  • For me it is still morning. I normaly get up later than this. But after the cat went *hhharrk...haarrkk...haaaarrrkkkk* and I managed him out of the bed, I was wide awake :) Poor kitty's a bit of a retard and I fuss a little extra over him. BEST rat catcher we ever had though. He doesn't need to hunt for mice. He just goes out and fetches them, like we would go for eggs in the pantry. When we had a kitten, I counted the times he went down to the barn for mice for the little one and I got bored after 30 times. He had no clue kittens can't eat 30 mice though. So we had to get like 25 dead mice out from under the bed every day :) Silly crosseyed kitty with his tounge hanging out. Sleeps under my covers and keeps me warm at night. Love him to bits.

    Anyhooo......I'm on my second LARGE cup of coffee now and about to start my knitting for today.

    Hope your morning was ok mama bee?

  • morning flower! hope all is good in the northern wilds of sweden xxx
  • Mama Bee, lucky enough....the person I need to deal with to sort it out is close enough. Me!

    Finished the Nutkin socks and have cast on a Elisabeth Zimmerman seamless. I havn't desided whitch version yet. But the are all the same until you get to the armholes. I think I'll know once I get that far :)

    A new trip is definatly very high on my list.

    Take care.

  • hey there

    it's always good to learn about yourself, and our own evolution and growth can be really quite painful - but life is a journey and we never stay the same (unless we are really boring).

    i have been doing a lot of knitting to stop myself from being bored in my recouperation and i'm having great fun. i needed to trade something with freespirit so i made her daughter a poncho (she put a couple of pics on camera club but you can't see the bee properly)

    hope you will be heading our way again soon... now you know where we are perhaps you will be able to stop over here sometime.

    peace light and love

    bee x
  • Hi mama bee.

    My Welsh trip......mixed feelings. Some really, REALLY positive. And some.....well, I did a lot of soul searching and learned a few painful things about myself. But, now they are out in the open, I can deal with them. It was a GOOD trip! And I hugely enjoyed rediscovering some things that might be seen as everyday things by those who live there. Casual natter in the local caf, going to the butchers for sausages (we don't have butchers and our sausages suck big time), drinking bad tea at every hour, watching comuters clicking away peacefully on their laptops on the trains...... I don't know if you realize how friendly the UK can be for a Swede? Just being there, is very heart warming for me.

    I will be back.

    I am manageing. Hope you are doing well too

  • hey there
    how was the welsh trip?
    am not on linme much as have had no service at home and my isp are being a real i come to the library for a stealth visit...but don't get a lot of time on hippy. hope all is good with you
  • Hehe, the hat. It's my grandmothers colour swatches. I put it on my head and pulled a hat over it. Just being silly :)'s always all hand on deck when the boys get a cold. Even when they are 46 ;) But you have an as good a day as you can anyway. Hope he gets well soon.

  • thats fantastic hunny
    glad your ok
    by the way im so diggin your hat in your avator did you make it
    well im helping my daughter with my poorly grandson today hes 10 weeks and got a cold so all hands on deck lol
    you have a top day
    love sensi
  • Well.....still early days. We'll see....

    The retreat was everything I wished for. And then some. It felt like home.
  • I'm sorry to hear you might have to move :(
    How was the knitting holiday? xx
  • have a great trip hun and yeah next time would be fab