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  • Hmmm, not sure that I have a home as such, but the island is where i feel comfortable, and I'm sure when I have the bus down there it will then be home, and my digs up here will be just that, my digs.

    Hope the weekend is really good to you

  • Me? i'm grand. Working more than i'd like, but doing ok.

    And it's Friday tomorrow, so I'm off to the island - makes it easier to put up with the week's grind when I know that I'm escaping for the weekend.

  • [IMG]https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/563851_10150707050169110_651819109_9129978_2052962586_n.jpg[/IMG]
  • Hello!

    How's you?

  • I didn't get to drink much, as I was driving to the isle of Wight after. But the pub is good fun, and two halves of very good beer is better than 10 pints of bad beer.

    Is a lovely morning here, despite having been on the 4 am boat back from the island.

    Hope all is good with you

    :) x
  • Hi from another Kerri who lives in Stoke! :waves: I'm near Tunstall, where abouts are you?
  • See i prefer real ale (hence the gut), but Guiness is always a safe back up.

    In fact I'm about to go to get the pub I do the odd session in ready to open up.

    Hope the day's good to you

    :) x
  • Guiness and black seems a good idea too

    :) x