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  • Is it a simple bar broken in two? If so, stainless (nickel) rods whould do it ok but best if you can heat both bits over 200 degrees, weld it then let it cool very slowly, preferably in a box of sand. You could even post heat the whole thing. Also edge preparation is worth paying attention to, vee it out nicely but don't forget that it will bend when it cools, so allow for that when you set the pieces up ready to weld. We just got in from France so my head is a bit shot, keep me posted.
  • Ah, that would be great, thankyou :) Whereabouts (roughly) are you in Carms? Have a couple of jobs lined up in that direction over the next few weeks so could probably drop by :D
  • Here's a useful link to start you off...[url][/url] Engine.htm
    Google plus a bit of knowledge are also your friends. :)
  • see their we go ..what's a peltan wheel?...i know bugger all about it,but we can't know everything
  • 12 metres is a good head, even with a small flow. Hook that to a pelton wheel and you should definitely be in business.
  • Quick question, how many metres head have you got? Even a small stream will work fine if it starts at the top of a hill, as long as you can pipe it down the hill. Otherwise thermoelectrics is the way to go in winter.
  • I'm working on electricity generated by the woodburner. Reckon I can easily get a couple of amps at 12 volts, and of course it works in the dark when there's no wind and it's freezing cold...when you want the woodburner going. If you have a good hydro source though it's still by far the best.
  • That's a shame, I imagined a hexagonal stove with glass windows that could be opened so you had a blazing fire in the middle of the room....Never mind, the same kind of idea would work as half a hexagon lol
  • Ok, could you put a flue in the centre of the roundhouse? I have an idea....
  • Ooh, will do, both of those. I don't have a bike on the road at the moment but have two not too far off, old beemer and old cz. They might soon be joined by my beloved tiger 955i which I sold but the guy only came up with half the cash so I might end up buying it back, which I need like a hole in the head but it's gone on far too long.
  • You're building a round house? Nice one, I'd love to make a stove designed especially for a building rather than just as an object on its own.
  • Hiya, you're welcome. Any more problems just shout. As for stoves, I can do anything, within reason. I'd love to do one with an oven, the only reason I haven't is because I haven't been asked, but I know exactly how I'd do it. I buy and sell antique French stoves, and I always look closely at how they're constructed. I love making them pretty but for me the function always comes first, that's why I like making them, because it's wonderful to have something practical that looks as well as it works.