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  • Hey you :) sorry about the late answer, iv been busy :) well for far im saving up for a sailboat, and i want my budget to be around 5 - 6000 gpb. Iv been looking at boats in that price range and a good 25"+ or 30" boat should be possible :) so while im saving up the money for it, im trying to find out about food and provisioning like doing sprouting in the boat for my daily vegetable intake. Fishing as well. Also reading up on solar power and wind power for the boat. so thats pretty much what i have going for now :) would love to hear how its going for you :) cya!
  • you're welcome :) and thankyou too :) xxxx
  • Didn't want to derail your 'never too old' thread by posting on it, but just felt the urge to say that it really made me smile......your mum must count her self as very lucky to have such a supporting daughter as you .......lovely thread :flower: x