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  • Hi There, I tried to look at your Etzy shop, and I didn't get any items coming up: what am I meant to do!?? (feeling a bit stupid here). sarah
  • Hey Sweetpea, Where have you gone to my lovely? Not seen any activity from you for such a long time, hope that all is well with you and yours. Love light and blessings Thorn xx
  • Hi Sweetpea, Hope all is well in Crazyflowerland. Received the charms they are wonderful, love the fact that you made them as rainpebbles. Will Pm you in more detail soon feeling a bit sore after work just at the mo! Love, light and blessings, Thorn xx
  • Hi sweetpea, sorry to hear you aren't so good the dreaded lurgi strikes when you least expect it and can be horrid. Always think that I should make a better effort to be a vegetarian but find that I miss meat too much, am I bad?
    At the moment I'm a little tiddly as have open some of last years blackberry wine and if I say so myself it's mighty fine lol.
    I haven't managed to finish The Book Thief as the library wouldn't let me take it out again because of the waiting list for it which is a bit poo because I was really enjoying it but I'm looking forward to your book choice.
    Look after yourself my love, Blessings Thorn xx
  • Hi sweetpea,

    Have nearly finished my zine for you (well actually finished one two weeks ago but Mr Rainpebble liked it and claimed it for himself so am making you a new one) and will be forwarding it to you asap.
    Hope you are well cos not seen many postings from you recently.

    Keep happy, love, light and blessings.
  • Thank you :hug:

    Bracelets on my wrists, and beautiful pictures soon to be on my wall xx
  • Let me know if u recieved my pm hunni got daft database error message --again! lol xxx
  • Hi hunni, not caught u on here for a while so sending u a hug :hug: hope you had the sunshine we had here today :sunsmile::D xxx
  • Hi hun my paypal address is correct can't wait for my paintings x
  • Hi thank-you for your reply would love to see what you do . Nicola x
  • Hi Em, (it is ok to call you that isn't it)
    Gonna try and get a thread going for the reading club we were discussing and wondered if you had any ideas that you would like to have put in it. My main thought was to use library books rather than expect people to buy abook or more every month or so. Will wait to hear from you before continuing.
    Love, light and blessings Thorn x
  • Found ya!