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  • Thanks. All going well here at the mo and am able to park up just a couple of fields away from my current dry stone walling job,so can get around the country lane without much chance of meeting plod. I will get a permit to drive over to my forest after I have finished my work.-
    Hope you are keeping well and positive and that you are not being badly affected from le virus.

    Speak soon when I get to find wifi again.

    Love and light

    fly xxxx
  • Be well IC, see you on the other side xx
  • That is where I did pinch my name from. Always loved that song in my early traveller days and loved him for his efforts in helping out travellers and protestors in difficulty. Bonne Dimanche mon ami xx
  • I saw this and thought of you ....
  • Thanks Cricket,I shall certainly look into what you have mentioned. He is right as rain this morning and happily ran along behind the van down the three quarters of a Mile of track leading from my woods to the main road. If he showed any signs of looking in discomfort,I would of stopped and let him back in.
    I am going to keep my eyes open for what is best for him and will treat him as I will treat myself where the pharmacy and doctor are a very rare occassion.

    Thanks again hun.

    Have a great week

    Love and light

    Fly and cockney xx
  • With my elderly hound,i give him oily fish,pilchards,oats and oat bran,kale,spinach.He has also got a thing about raw chopped ox heart.I never gave him raw meat ,then he helped himself one day and galloomped it down.As his heart has a murmur i wondered if he is seeking similar to help maintain his own instinctively. He is 13.Metacam,we get from vet every now and then, for time out if he gets pained,he sleeps very deep and happy on that.a very soft out of draughts off floor bed.Some say glucosamine.Keep out of wet and cold so far as possible.Warmth eases it.I also rub honey in his gums when he gets wobbly if ill.x
  • Hi Fly, we'll be in France late March onwards for four weeks or more, heading down to visit medieval places in mid/south France. We would go out of our way for a cuppa if you were nearby-ish, could fill you in on things Welsh, especially the great escape of the Swans........ etc. Keep on truckin with Toby n Suzy Trux.
  • Travel safe

  • you can *poke* people on facebook to get their attention :pp. just saying hi!
  • oi oi - *poke* :waves:
  • Hi colin,all would be perfect if I could just stop smiling for a minute !!!

    I hope that all is tickideeboo and a half for you and bella xxxxxx
  • Hello Fly!

    Hope all is good with you

  • A thank you is appreciated,but definately not needed. I am heartwarmed to see such generosity.

    Love and light

  • Thank-you for the lovely reply to my post.
  • Sound fun,and any other evening I would of said,see ya there,but am just off to bed now as was up at half three this morning,for the rugby,then worked this afternoon,then get up at half one tomorrow morning for the last four matches in the group stages.
    Thank goodness that the next world cup will be in the northern hemisphere,and I can watch matches at healthy times.

    I checked out the link,and it looks like a cool place to be,have a bop and a drink for me,and shout babooshka at random occasions.

    Love and light

  • evening...we mebbe going out to a wee gig tonight...[url][/url] tis just down the road from you...nice little caff, normally a good vibe.......later alligator
  • hiya tor.

    I will be with you very very soon.

    I have seven rugby world cup matches to watch this weekend,as well as my wall building,and over saturday and sunday,they start from 4.30AM AND 2AM respectively. I reckon That I am either a fan,or completely cuckoo.

    Look forward very much to seeing you very soon,which shall probably be some time next week.

    Love,light and paint fumes

    fly x
  • busy painting inside and out today..but if you got time dya want to pop round? eat lunch? ....yes?
  • we have moved since spring, but not too away for a funeral in blighty next week....back the good to have you round for a brew....also got some friends looking for a yurt
  • Hi hunni, Just got your mail. Lovely to see you're online x
  • Barafundle is beeeeeaaaaaauutiful. How many kilo's have a lost,running up and down them steps,god on only knows.

    Funny to think that no matter what your daughter does in life or where she goes,she will certainly one day in 30 years time or whenever be having the same thoughts,and possibly the same chat with someone.
    I cant imagine the coast changing much over the years.

    I have not been back for a few years and I wont be able to get back this year,so say hello to pembs for for me.

  • Nope, afraid I didn't get your message - I suspect spending more time in school wouldn't help to explain why it disappeared either ;) Can't seem to send any messages either - it's telling me I've got too many stored messages but I don't :S

    It's a good place to grow up is Pembs - regardless of your take on school. :P I can't seem to escape it, it always draws me back (the furthest I've ever managed is a 6month stint running a chalet in Les Arcs). I really like the south of the county, especially around Stackpole (have a major soft spot for Barafundle) but the north is my home - seem to spend at lot of time on Newgale :D :D

  • 'ello

    Were you from Pembroke originally then?

  • Thank you for the friend request,It has made a good day even better. lots of rain and wind here,but internally the sun is still shining.
    Dont worry about the age thing,as it would be expected of someone in your age bracket!!

    great smiley photo that you have,it realy radiates love and positivity. I bet that it makes quite a few people smile,well done,the world is a better place,just from that.

    I am trying to sort out my travels at the moment,and am getting lots of work offers from different parts of france,so am trying to form some kind of plan.I think that I will choose as many around the pyranees as I can,as I realy love the freedom of being up at 10000/12000 feet.

    hopefully speak with you soon,and thanks again for brightening my day.

    love,stuff and bellybutton fluff

  • Monday was a great day thanks :)
    Hope you're not gone for long. Have remembered to add you to my contacts for e-mail - me n memeory don't usually go together so this was quite an achievement lol

    Take it easy, hope sun is shining is brightly there as it is here, glorious day

    L, L & L
  • I look forward to your emails already. as soon as funds allow,I shall buy a laptop and see what my pay as I go options are.
    I am in my van,with nag champa incense,candle light,and an only fools and horses dvd playing. I am having a romantic evening on my own. viva st valentine,not just a patron saint of restauranteurs and florists.

    love and hugs pj1.

    les roses sont rouges
    les violets sont bleu
    quand je partira
    I will miss you.

    joyeux st valentines
  • just getting used to you being around and you`re off! well, i shall randomly email you sometime......happy Valentines day.x
  • I will be away from the site in a few weeks time,and away from the internet for maybe a few months,so I will wait until I one day find a computer further up my priority list.
    It has been fun and helpful having someones laptop for the last month or so,and I will definately be getting one some day.
    feel free if you ever want to ask any questions to fire away on [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

    I will soon be limited to paid internet cafe access,and will probably only have time to respond to emails,and use my work search,but will get back to ukh asap.

    am having a great monday,hope that yours is even greater.

    love light and laughter coming back at ya.

  • So when are you gonna post an 'ology? Hope Monday is treating you well.

    L,L &L
  • Hello magic s g, I have only just seen that There is a message here from you.sorry.

    I dont think that I will be back in the uk this year,but am going to have to come over one day to visit my dear old mum down in pembroke.I have not been over there for about 3 years,but surely will come over one day!!
    would be cool to check out your woods in passing,especially now that all the snow has gone.
    I cant guarentee that I will still be around brittany,but if you ever want a chilled out spot to camp in brittany,I will give you directions to where my woodland is.
    Love and light