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  • Sending you all peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Tortoise on the move....... Exploring new territory....... Lots of new aspen and hemp.......
  • Good, no snoring. Though I think air has to go through the nose for that to happen.

    Thanks for saying you'd come. I get panic attacks in hospitals, unexplicably. Bearing in mind there's likely to be invasive stuff today, I'm more likely to be a wreck. Can't do that alone, that'd be nasty.

    See you at 9am x
  • Ello, man-object. Hope I wasn't snoring or anything. And hope my leaving a tissue up one nostril doesn't weird you out. It works.............. :insane::nurse:
  • big loves and lots of hugs for you and jo sweetheart from us lot x x x x x
  • massive great big hugs and loves coming your way mate x x x x x x x
  • I hear you on the slow death thing... in the grand scheme of thing my grandma's decline was pretty quick really but even that was long enough - you are always in my thoughts all of you... so happy for you and Lou :) :) much love xxx
  • :hug: crap mr. tickle hug ... no words mate ... here if you need an ear xxx
  • ello matey hows tricks? you ok? loadsa love xxx
  • Loves you :wub:
  • Cool, thanks! I may be driving past Cardiff sooner than you think anyway... ;)
  • Hey dude that's cool. :) I live in Somerset now, so it's easy for me to get to Cardiff. I can come up whenever really, provided you're free of course! :D
  • Hey dude, looks like I *will* be in Cardiff! Let me know if ya wanna meet up sometime! :D
  • Hey dude, looks like I won't be in Cardiff after all! Sorry about that, maybe I'll see ya sometime soon though, since I'll be moving to Frome soon!
  • Hey dude, I'm in Cardiff next week for a few days, let me know if ya wanna meet up! I promise I wont ask you to marry me... :D
  • Really...banned!! I had no idea...thanks for the belated vote anyway ;)
  • Aww, thank you, that's cheered me up a little :wub:
  • On May 6th.......

  • In a mo I'll hop to the shop.
    Still no idea why I'm so tired.
    Keep yawning.
    Need something else to watch aimlessly for hours and hours a day til you catch up to the same Sopranos episode I'm on...
  • Eastenders was good :pp
  • You've only been here ten mins, I know it's a lie.......

    I have Belief, our Paradise Will Shine Like the Moon, we're afloat on the Sea Of Love, I'm as Hungry As The Hunter and you're Lovely...
  • I was told to wait til just after midday as they won't be in til then because of the bank holiday.

    Listening to the Mish...

    D'ya reckon there would have been any Eastenders yesterday?
  • You put yer random words in and it does it for you.

    Was trying to find a real lyric generator cuz I'm upstairs. Fail!!!
  • [B] Bridge Over Crappy Lubinate
    - In the style of Simon and Garfunkel [/B]

    When you're ugly, feeling bitchy,
    When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
    I'm on your side.
    When times get bitchy,
    And friends just can't be found,
    Like a bridge over crappy lubinate,
    I will lay me down.
    Like a bridge over crappy lubinate,
    I will lay me down.

    Drive on green boy,
    Drive on by.
    Your time has come to cuddle.
    All your dreams are on their way.
    See how they cuddle.
    If you need a friend
    I'll cuddle right behind.
    Like a bridge over crappy lubinate,
    I will ease your mind.
    Like a bridge over crappy lubinate,
    I will ease your mind.

    And here's to you, Mr ,
    Justin Sullivan loves you more than you will know.
    Oh bless you, please Mr .
    Heaven holds a place for those who cuddle.
    Hey, hey, hey.

    Cuddle on amazing TiggaD, cuddle on amazing TiggaD.
    What're we gonna tell our friends when they say ooh la la?
    Cuddle on amazing TiggaD, cuddle on amazing TiggaD!

    [I]Generated on 04/05/2010 10:01 by Cocklickers [/I]
  • You're better at this than me, and I've had years of practise with my old alternative mates! I'd better hoover before 4pm as there are muffin crumbs on the carpet :whistle:

    You're my Piece Of Sky, and I think This Monkey's Gone To Heaven because she's Satisfied with the Motion of Love from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - I'm Cracking Up, I'm your Moonchild, Do You Love Me... Bwahahaha this is fun.
  • You are One of the Chosen, Someone Like Jesus, we've got Eleven Years and more, you Betcha, we've paid The Price but we have Trust and I promise you there will be no men in White Coats because of someone's Stupid Questions, it's a Wonderful Way To Go and this is no Aimless Desire :wub:
  • Oh, and there was a break in - they took all the brown muffins :whistle:
  • I wish they'd Let Sleeping Dogs Die, I know I'm Walking On Thin Ice but Speak To Me, All of This is Oomim. I'm just a Human Being *air pump*

    Condemned to Rock and Roll!
  • Ahh... The likes of you and I... Anytime anyplace anywhere... You love us... :whistle:
  • Y'see, I didn't think so, ma bitch... I iz talkin' to ma sel', innit :waves: