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  • Hi, i've just joined your skype group. whens the next meet?
  • please don't be offended, I only add people to my friends list that I have actually met in person otherwise the list would be pages long, I look forward to adding you to sometime, love
  • thats very kind, thank you. Namaste to you.
  • Thanks Nanci! Can't wait to hear your stuff. I'll send you a free copy of the album when it's finished, too.

  • I did get your email! Is there any way you could record yourself playing for about five/ten minutes? If you can send me the mp3 (or any audio file format), I'll use you on the project I'm working on at the moment - a concept album based on HG Wells's "The War in the Air." Your playing will definitely be used!

    The snow here is like The Shining! We're going to have to get a Snow Cat!

  • I think there's someone with a boat in Oxford but I haven't met him and can't remember his name right now. I'm not sure if there are any others in this immediate area but there are folks in Bucks.

    I love festivals! Cropredy, WOMAD and Cambridge Folk Festival are my favourites. I used to go to Glastonbury but haven't been since the 90s.
  • Hi. :waves: Good to meet another local. :)

    The snow is fun! Good excuse to work from home on Monday.

    Have a great weekend yourself.
  • Hiya Nanci, hope all is well with you?