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  • ello chicka:)
  • WOW not been on here since the 4th December? Silly me, either way my breakfast and tea was gooooood, unlike this mornings bag of crisps and can of warm coke of the butty women :)
  • Hey! Came across your profile & discovered you like a lot of music similar to me! I recently went to an Orange goblin gig in Southampton & I used to be good friends with the (ex) drummer Mark from Electric Wizard! I love Rob Zombie, although not too keen on his last 2 albums - thought the others were far better. These days I've been branching out into more obscure stuff like Finntroll & Korpiklaani! Hope you don't mind me gate-crashing your profile, just wanted to say hello to a like-minded soul!! :)
  • thats ok :D i was suprised to find another hippie so close!!! how long have you been on the site?
  • About to make a full english and drink vast amounts of tea :) So Im good lol
  • Ow doooooo :P