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  • Hahaha awesome. Hardly anyone has heard of Duckman. I recently rewatched them all. Some guy has them all on youtube. I remember when I first saw it I was singing "you put your down down and thrust your pelvis HUH" for months.
  • Aaw thanks - they are hard to write with the word limit I think!
  • i think it was in 2000 or 2001
  • I'm not 100% sure what it actually means :whistle:
  • Booyah. Thought I owed you a hello.
  • hi, only used butter rolled it etc. left in fridge for ten.was fine when hot,rock hard when cooled down
  • Hey, thanks for the lovely message. We're slowly but surely getting there, I think! Hope all's well with you, have a great Xmas :) xx
  • Yeah, I managed to get one via a contact at the Toyota dealership, some warehouse in Belgium had one, wasn't too cheap but doing a sterling job... next week I have the clutch in for reconditioning. It looks like it may be the original, but there is still use in it we think. My mechanic used to work on them a lot back in the day.

    It's just terribly difficult getting the right parts sometimes. There is a lot out there, but as it has a very vague history, it doesn't appear on many parts databases when you enter the number plate...
  • Hey! Yeah I went to it last year! Its great! We went to the Easter one - not yet been down to NYE one. We're back in England for a few weeks so will miss NYE again this year but have loose plans to get to the Easter one. Are you going to that? I love the sauna there!!
  • I believe it is an RH... it is a 1980 vintage, with a Danbury pop top conversion (I have the original brochure somewhere!). Great vans, gets quite a bit of attention, especially from Austrailians... they seem to have a few knocking about out there, which wouldn't surprise me as they'll last forever if looked after.

    Funny you mention the imports, I was after an alternator last year, and the Toyota dealership couldn't figure out the chassis number. Didn't even show on their Japanese register. So a bit of mystery to some of it's history...
  • hey DM-was 48 yesterday:Dbrilliand impromptu gathering,i was the last one standing,loadsa nice things,had a mega night,bit shakey todat,very lucky lass
  • Herrings, sardines and mackerel all fall into the oily category here, as well as salmon and probably tuna if I remember rightly. I had gout years ago and was supposed to avoid sardines in oil, but we can sometimes get them fresh, or more likely, tinned in brine, which I quite like on toast for a snack when I'm home for lunch! :)
  • Thanks mate, very interesting. I shall read on further. I never completely bought in to the whole low fat etc thing but i do have to take care as I have a badly blocked artery in my leg. I deal with it by trying to eat lots of veg, because in general all westerners do eat far to much meat, and i always cut the fat of whatever i'm eating after its cooked. I should probably eat far more fruit too but i can never be arsed, whereas i'm happy to pile veg on my plate. And I do prefer decent butter to any kind of substitute :)
  • :):Drofl ,ace :lol:i remember that i loved the records my brother had,filthy fun,forget their names
  • sounds interesting,not much of a cake eater,but will have a try if i can-being harry ramsdens chippy? ,well that has closed,we used to go as a family,when i ate fish-it really was the best,and there wre slot machines in a mini arcade -plus a loony bin(we did not do p.c then)opposite,morbid fascination for kids tales,then home in the car after a country drive,boy,i miss that...cheers duckman!
  • Mostly shit poetry, lyrics, limericks and rhymes. I don't think much of my writing. I've some plans for childrens books, I've got a co-writer and an illustrater at my disposal :)
  • Gosh, clearly I have a lot to learn, you've obviously researched this in depth, have you got any links I could have a nose at? I think a change of diet might do me good, thanks for your advice. How are things with you?
  • Hey Duckman, thanks so much for your informative message:) :hug:. Do you not find that consuming so much animal fat has an impact on your cholesterol or anything?
  • Hey thanks for the heads up with that festival sounds pretty good might get me there next time bit of a drive for me though.I will be heading for somewhere around jervis bay this weekend last weekend of camping before winter!!
  • As you will have noticed, I'm not good at this replying thing!
  • eeh-bloody cheeky :D hale and pace one,s excellent, of course it is spot on,pass me a pigeon!
  • Ello - I'm in the process of leaving there too! You may ask, but I need to ask can I get back to you :)
  • Oh thanks Duckman :). Are you well and safe and/or happy?
  • Thankyou :) It sums up what I think quite well. It was particularly relevant quite recently when a 'friend' fell out with me as we had different points of view on something
  • Hi Duckman - sorry about the lack of response - I am working again after three months off and not going online much! I am in Reading - it's not dark I just like the wordplay image of Darkest Anything. My husband grew up in reading,moved out when he was 20 and at 65 we've moved back - bit more genteel than Southampton and the pay for what I do is better. Although a secretary now, my background is in proof-reading and fact-checking so I do get interested in things and always try to find at least two unrelated sources to back stuff up. Not an iconoclast tho - people need their beliefs.
  • Hiya, my parents weren't communists, they were old fashioned liberals, but I'm sure there was an idealistic element too, the reds were supposed to be the evil enemy and I don't think my parents believed a word of it and buying their stuff was a way of showing support if that makes sense. Dad had worked with displaced poles and russians at the end of the war too and had a soft spot for them, and spoke a bit of russian and polish. There may also have been the fact that their stuff was really nice and very cheap and they were teachers on a tight budget, but mostly the other stuff ha ha
  • Hi, yes I have thought about opal mining in Australia. I have family who live there (farmers) When i was 7 years old our family were all packed up ready to emigrate, as my dad got offered a job down the coal mines.
    In 2004 my employer the Forestry Commission awarded me a year out in Australia (paid leave) but I was undergoing surgery on my back at the time. Unfortunately I'm too old and just fall short of the point system to emigrate now.

    I'm looking into expanding my own business at the moment, so no fixed plans to work for someone else.
    thanks for to advice tho.
  • Converted 21 Seater Airport Luxury Courier Service Coach,Toyota Caetano Optimo. 4.0ltr turbo diesel, 5 speed manual. :) hope that helps ;)
  • Bwhahaha! that is really funny!
  • [COLOR=purple]happy birthday![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#800080]peace light and love[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#800080]bee x[/COLOR]