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  • ho hum
  • aw cheers dude! You too!

    Thanks for all the advice and help :)

    See you round!
  • clickety click>>>

    [URL=""]youtube full screen player of j krishnamurti[/URL]
  • Not published - I find it hard to share my work. But when I'm on form I write stupid songs and poems and I will get my writing socks back on at some point and write me a book to share with the world. Probably under a nomme de plume, so I'm less anxious about sharing it. Though as I get older I learn the things that it doesn't matter if you share, and vice versa!
  • Tis good to get away - always keep yer running shoes on! i just come by to check messages from a friend who doesn't cope well with texts and phone calls.
  • Welcome. Don't get too drawn in, aye!
  • the ball jus kept gettin bigga n then it hit me....