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  • :waves:hey alentil:Di am trying to get my shit together,sorry emms am tied up in stuff :waves:but am lurking well:insane:xxx
  • Fuckin hell you know what i mean :waves:
  • Woops need to finish sentences....hopefully he`
  • No Angio seems to have vanished haven`t seen her in a while....she`s missed too. Am glad things seem to be on the up for you....think the sun helps to lift spirits. Hopefully will be down your way in me van this summer so will come and say ello. Would be nice to see Dawlishes ducks again aswell...wonder how elvis duck is getting on hopefully he :D
  • Hi Alan! Yeah all good here am enjoying the sunshine. How`s things with you?? You`re missed from round the forum :(
  • Whats Doctors found on your xrays? Having a rough myself with chest
  • [IMG][/IMG]:)works both mouse needs changing..into a good one:rolleyes:xx glad youre adjusting and can still be friends
  • :hippy::waves:mornink never gets any easier huh...cept for those golden moments that keep us going, so i wish you a thousand of them...friends is ok too[IMG][/IMG]xxx
  • :waves:hey alferatu..been updating since 2O,Clock:curse:thank the stars its over....i am drained and never shouldda agreed to windows 10;had to go back to 8.1 and then suffer:Dhope youre ok chuck xxx
  • Thanks's lovely xx
  • [IMG][/IMG]:angel:bring it on..
  • :D i had a day of clan and prezzies and wolifs
  • got bloods to test but am pretty confident:)keep smiling i had a fine burpday but no booze:insane:xx
  • :hippy:awww sorry chuck,i was still on tumour watch and rather confused but belated hugs anyhoo xxx
  • oh nooooooo:Swhen ?:rolleyes:
  • hey you i hope thiings are ok and thanks for thinking of me,means a lot:hug::hippylovexx
  • :hippy:its very hard to understand and support this hot n cold stuff al...maybe she will open up about it when she feels able?meantime be her friend and keep the door open and look after you too .xx
  • :Sdont know what to say and dunno why it has been so brief ..just lifes knocks kiddo..xx hugs :hippylove
  • :hippy:its the same the world over alan...and all you need is love...[IMG][/IMG]
  • thats how it should be chuck:D:waves:things do change when you least expect huh;)xx
  • am on the mend chuck:Dstill on antibios..but you made me happy-say hi to sarah :waves:xx
  • great news al.....great news indeed :waves::hug:xx
  • flippin gifs;)i try here..:waves:...nope...i try an alternative:D....[IMG][/IMG]
  • [IMG][/IMG]:)
  • :waves:...sneaking in some native american sounds before anyone gets up.. have a peaceful day x
  • [IMG][/IMG]:waves:
  • [IMG][/IMG] hey...shine on...:hippy:xx
  • Hi Angi...what a day.....
  • i certainly believe it ;stay tough and strong:angel:
  • ooh :D fingers crossed pet:thumbup: