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  • Ah ha! i've seen them, was a great night, my sis told me about the 21st will defo try and get down :)
  • This is true, i was most upset when it changed, it used to feel like home! Ok then, i'm pritty brassic atm so we shall meet up sometime in the nearish future, lol
  • Groovey :) Hung over rehearsals are part of the job, lol. A meet? Bitter End/Horn possibly? (The Horn? FAIL) Would be cool :)
  • Ha ha, hornychurch :P Oh man, that sounds crap, lol but raves are good, very good :D I'm groovey thanks, been rehearsing with my band this morning with a raging hangover :P Just realized i am now not the only resident hippy of hornchurch! oh well at least i'm not the only one :P
  • I`m oop north in keighley, just west of Bradford, its a shitehole but i`m stuck here just now..the guy i moved across with walked out on me and was wed just three days later!o well, i`m with the most delicious guy now, wouldnt swap him for the world!
    i used to go down to london weekly to party..most of the venues i went to are not there now or have changed... Theatre factory on tyssen street for pendragon, Fridge in Brixton for Escape from Samsara and 414 for Nuclear Free Zone with the Liberators, Chris Liberator i met at Mindscapes at the Drome....Acid Techno is still my favourite style of music:) a few places in leeds still do an odd un... had a bit of difficulty with daughter(15) recently, so i have had to stay at home...
    that will change, my fella is a DJ, and a popular one at that ,so i`ll not be short of parties in the not too distant future..:)
  • hehe! thanks..:) i have a friend who sends me a daily dose of Acid techno on facebook, so i dont lose touch..i really miss seeing Chris and the Nuclear Free crew tho... not at the 414 anymore tho is it?
  • Hey man, how are you? :)
  • hello fellow techno head! :)
  • [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=indigo][B]We have had the best acid clouds this year. Best I've ever seen and no need for any narcotics either! Beautiful:clap:[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]