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  • I would go for the 'animal' section mate, but they can't be rehomed directly through the forums, only offer advice etc. :)

    All good this end cheers mate. How did the truck do in her MOT? (the big green thing, not sure whether to call her a truck, bus or coach!)
  • I'm glad you like the video! I got into making videos when I joined Youtube last November, after i had an accident with a supermarket trolley (basically I pushed a laden trolley off a high kerb and fell into the road.....doh), and had a couple of days off work! I bought a Flip camera in December and started making videos in January of this year!! People don't realise until they join YT, that there is a great community base there, and we are all supportive of each others efforts!! My Tewkesbury Medieval Festival video ahs currently had around 550 views.....which is brilliant!! Lovely day at Rollright Stones, hope to see you at one of Vik and Julian's home gatherings in the not too distant future :) x
  • Hi Nick, you took some great photos, hope you don't mind me borrowing a couple for my video! I've done credits at the end! I had a really good time on Sunday, so nice to organise something and people show up lol
    Hope your week is going well! :)
  • Well hello and good day to you sir ;)
    Thank you, all is wonderful in Trinaland :D How's things with you? all good i hope :)
    Have a great weekend yourself :hug:
  • Thats natures way of telling you all the dodgy photos you took of me shouldnt be seen by the public rofl :P
  • Howdy Superman, how you doing? Was great to see you over the weekend and even better to see your leg(s)! :D
  • hi hunny did you get the bands
    hugs sensi
  • hi hunny did the bands arrive safely
    hugs sensi
  • I'm good! No, that's a lie, I'm getting by, but i'm on a bounce today - Tigger all over the place.

    Sometimes we all have good days and bad days, and I'm sick of the bed days - so dangly bits to the world - I'm determind that today will be a good one!

    Glad you have escaped from hospital. How long do they take to make the leg? i guess that's gonna be a whole world of weird to deal with. And here's me getting my head up my arse coz I've come over all single! I must get a grip!

    The weather is improving, and soon we'll all be able to get out there and play silly buggers again.

    I'm helping Julian and Vik move at the weekend - that'll be good as it will fill me time with useful. And see some good people.

    I guess I'll have to start collecting teabags and fire wood, coz we'll be doing tea round a fire soon.

    I am totally inspired by your positive attitude - you have no idea how much it has helped me get through the last month - thank you.

  • Good Morning!

    How's things with you?

    Hope today is good to you

  • Hiya Bev ,
    Howre you doing? Well I hope.
    Im doing ok now thanks, I did have a bit of a mishap a week after the op when I fell on the stump and split the scar! OW! Its set me back a bit cos the blood then clotted and created a huge tract. So I have a vac pump on it and its healing well now., luckily it didnt damage the bone
    Im not in a hurry to do that again so Im taking all the Docs advice to heart.
    Did you end up getting a van in the end or are you still looking?
    Love n light to you,
  • Hi, I was wondering how things are going after the surgery, I've been thinking of you and hoping you are ok.
  • Good morning!
    How's things?
    This thread has probably been started before, but I was just curious of some of the origins of every day sayings like,
    By your finger tips, a millers way of determining the quality of his flour.
    and - Balls to the wall, being from the nautical worrld of pushing a planes throttles to the wall of the cockpit for full speed, the throttles being topped by round grips.
    Just a little something for fun. Enjoy!
  • all the very bestest for today man xxx
  • Good luck tomorrow hun, will be thinking bout you xx
  • Mornin :)
    from beside me crackly fire.
    Hows you doing ?
    catch up needed x