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  • things are good here too we have just had ten days away in the lakes camping
    great times
    loads of laughs great news on the family expansion awesome
    lee seems to be settling down now with his new meds so thats good
    my daughter just bagged herself a new job and is really enjoying it which is rare these days with the climate as it is
    so your a priest wow and double wow
    raining here today and we just found out we need new guttering at the front good job hubby is a builder lol
    you have a top day x x x
  • good thinking lol hows things anyways
  • awesome and i agree david cameron definatley needs a jerga lol
  • I have a bunk over the double bed and they are an excellent option for both storage and children! :D I quite like sleeping in the bunk myself sometimes, especially when there are quite a few people staying over in her because all the heat rises and it's dead cosy! If you ever end up travelling with cats you can gurantee that's where they'll end up. :)
  • I've done four winters in her, but then I got M.E. and health has forced me into a house, but this is only temporary! The second I am well enough to be out in her all year round again I will! :D
  • Why thank you! :D There's some more photos of her [URL="http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk90/bellabus/Bella/#%21cpZZ1QQtppZZ16"]here[/URL]. She was originally a 20 seater coach. She still has the original seat numbers a long the back windscreen! And as for spares and stuff.....I haven't had to do that much to her really, and what does need doing has been either remaking an old part or sourcing a modern part which fits fine! She eats alternators for some reason, but as luck would have it, the alternator from a mini metro fits fine so it never takes more than half an hour to find one!

    And I haven't re-powered her. She was born underpowered so I just accept that I wont be getting anywhere in a hurry! Top speed of 50 going down a hill on the motorway with a nice breeze behind us! :D
  • when and where lol?
  • hi we got the exact same flag as the one in your pic :)
    peace sensi
  • morning hun altho its not that good for us poorly baby is better now hubby is ill so im avoiding him so i dont get it!