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  • I think you may be just a bit too far from us to set up any viable artistic groups - I've stopped painting for the moment in favour of setting up and co-ordinating a 'Stitch and Bitch' group locally. Winter months can drag on and social activity slows down to almost a stand-still, especially when the temperatures drop down into the zeroes. For my part , I try and get both French and Brit expats to integrate, but it's not always easy. You are wise to be wary of the 'little Britain' enclaves - I've had many problems with people like that over the past 10 years. My French is pretty good - probably from working the markets for six years whaen we first came over. I'm now luxuriating in my pensioner status and freedom it gives me - albeit with a minimal income. I can't say that I have many material needs nowadays, though - as long as there's wood for the burner, food in the cupboard, good friends and clothes on my back - who needs more?