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  • i am so sorry i thought you were a different val lol x
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  • are you stalking me lol xxxxx
  • hey val xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Well I must say it's great 2B back - have been a buzy bee painting whilst I've been away!! hope you are all good ;~} Valz :clap:
  • Hi sweetheARTzz Thxz 4 the happy birthday wishes - if you click on this link 100%proceeds go to the Charity Thxz ;~} happy hippy hugglez
  • hullo friend and welcome to the forum!!!
  • Hi Val. My mother lives in Spain. I take every opportunity to visit her I can. Where abouts in Spain do you travel?
  • just had a browse at your art hun its awesome i must start saving up
  • yeah hope to get to know you better hunny
    love light and rainbows
  • hiya hunny
    hope alls well with you thanks for the add but i hope you understand i like to get to know peeps a bit first
    i dont think we have chatted have we
    you take care love sensi
  • Hi there, Val :waves: welcome to the forum!
    Thanks for the add :)
  • about 30 years hun ..we commute Spain/Uk depending on the weather eh? ;D
  • Hey hun, how weird, I dont know any other Valerie Ann's and are birthdays are so similar too!! Different surnames, mines Formston but definately soul sisters hey,lol! :0) Personality wise we probably have loads of similarities due to are star sign.
    So you live in spain? Ah a lovely part of the world, how long have you been there? x
  • Hello Valerie, thought I'd message you as we have the same name, how bizzare!! :0) I'm also Valerie Ann but Ann without the "e" stangley enough I'm also a pisces, 13th march!!
    anyway thought I'd say Hi, hope all's well in your world!