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  • Helllo :D Merry Christmas. You are a lovely lady ( not that i really know you but I trust my instincts). x
  • hiya hunny
    how you feeling much better i hope
    thinking of you lots
    you take care and try and get a little me time harder said than done i know
    huge hugs sensi
  • Hi Daisy I am just popping in to check the message, I am in the throws of cleaning a munchkin room!!!! Urrggghhhh. I dont make to sell I just made for my babies, I will pop them in the bazarre later have to get some pics taken I think. Hope your day is going well, I think I have bitten off more than I can chew!!! Love Marie xxx
  • Hi Daisy, you sound very busy, I used to sew so much then now just end up mending! I found with the munchkins they just would not let me sew, so I took up tie dying mostly at night when they are in bed! I tried sewing at night and used to o you know anyone here with a new baby who would like to try some cloth. They are nifty as I built in the PUL liner so no leaks. I love them, but some how cant see anymore munchkins on the horizon for me. I have 5 now and I am 40 something! Is there a place to post freebies or could you recoomend some one who could try from birth? Love Marie xxxxx
  • Hi minimummy I wondered if you have any links to where you sell your goodies please? Love Marie xxxx
  • Hey there,
    I notice you have'nt been around much and was thinking of you. Just incase you log in, hope alls ok and things have settled down a bit for you x
  • Hi ! how are things in your world ?
  • Heya, just to let you know that Mamabee sent me her Secret Santa presents again, so there's no need to send me anything now, but thank you anyway for offering :)
  • i get where your coming from ! we just lost our baby then i lost my job and not entitled to anything because my partner is working ! stuck as they say but im sure things will work out for all of us . will be sending you all lots of light and healing vibes .
  • Hi just been reading about the crap time your having at moment. Just wanted to say that sometimes all the crap comes together to allow you to get it out the way and create a better future ! Hope that makes sense . peace and love to you and yours x
  • hiya hunny im taking it the parcel was from you
    emma was thrilled too bits and even more thrilled it was addressed to jayden ainsworth
    the cardigan and hats are just beautiful
    thankyou so much hunny your a star
    could you send me your addy via pm hunny
    hugs sensi
  • Hiya. its Gwen Roma Legg
    18.1.11 14.24
    Hope thats ok. Thank you for making it for her. Its such a special gift for her :hug:
  • Hiya. its Gwen Roma Legg
    18.1.11 14.24
  • hi forgot too mention can you post in thread when you have posted and thanks hun for doing this
  • Hi ^w^
    thought is add you as a friend as im new here :P
    take care
  • Hey,
    How'd you get on with the LEA officer? Hope all went well for yous.

    Peace x
  • Thank you my dear, I absolutely adore them. They are now one of my prize possessions. You are one very talented lady :) Hope you have a wonderful christmas and that 2011 brings you much hapiness and less hassle xxx
  • Was it you???? Was it.....was it?????????? :D
  • Hey hun :D Thought I'd add you as we're not a million miles away, and reading some of your posts I think we seem to have similar thoughts/ideas ;)
  • Hi honey, I'm sorry I'm hardly ever on here!! ~Best to find me on facebook - Jo Ra Rhymes :)
    I ask £20 for all my pixie hoodies up til about 3 years old, then i ask a bit more because it takes far longer to knit! xxx
  • hi sweetheart always here if you need a chat or just someone too scream at
    big hugs and love sensi
  • Hope you all had a nice BH weekend

  • Hiya hunny just wanted to say a big thanks for starting the blanket thread your a star
    Big loves sensi
  • Yep, a quick google should sort you out :)
  • Hiya :)

    Saw your post about festivals. Sunrise is a lovely one for kids - Izzy had a wonderful time there, this year :)
  • can't add you - stealthy facebook settings! add me? [url][/url]
  • hi :) are you on facebook?
  • [quote=Minimummy;983858]I used to live in La Cala De Mijas :D Boy do I wish I was there right now...[/quote]

    It's Feria there at the mo. I was nearly tempted to go up there Saturday because of an all night reggae gig on the beach as well.
  • Yorkshire is fab! I see you`re in Donny, no wonder you hate it! Even Selby is nicer than there...thats where i`m from, but i live in the pennines now and its fab! :) the town is shite,(keighley) but i choose to never go there...:)
  • How are you anyhow? My names charlie :)