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  • Hi, sorry not been about recently, things have changed a lot since I was last here - it looks all new & spangly! Thanks for your message. Mum's still struggling on bless her. No more tests now, the bone density showed up as normal, so that's a relief. She's mumbling along as best she can, but seems a little happier at the mo. her arm's nearly healed now and she's been able to go some days without the cast on to strengthen it up.
    How's things in Rastafairyland?! Good i hope. any more festivals this year, or are you done for a while?
    i've just started planning things for our annual halloween party! It's like my xmas, I love it! My partner & I aren't too keen on xmas, but we do Halloween in a really big way instead!
  • Yes was great to see Logan he is 1 year old tomorrow, unfortunately I came back and attended a meeting about a new placement for my Mum the nursing home she is in was poor she fell 8 times in a week, during the meeting the district nurse was horrified the day before my mum was in hospital and released, she went back in hospital nearly died but on the mend now, then a few days ago my Dad also admitted he is coughing up blood , could be an infection, a ulcer or a tumor they are doing tests, so dont look great
  • Thank you so much for all your kind words. My friend was only 37, we had quite a close friendship since the day we met, we just clicked! I'm going to his funeral tomorrow lunchtime. Gonna be hard. So sorry to hear that you lost your mum, I can't imagine how tough that must have been, and still is for you.
    My partner's cousin is still in hospital, likely to be for another few months. She still has no mobility of one side. She's very strong-willed though and keeps tryng to discharge herself!!
    My mum has been having tests for both bone density and various digestive disorders. She has Osteoporosis and has recently broken her wrist without having done anything, due to her weakened bones. It runs in the family, my nan has it too and it's likely that I'll get it in later life. Mum's also been having tests due to her 'lazy bowel', as she's been in exruciating pain but no one seems to know why. it first looked like she has irritable bowel syndrome, but the treatment she was receiving didn't help her. she's in constant pain, always excessively bloated, and has problems trying to digest foods. she's in the process of eliminating various foods from her diet to see if it helps, but due to the lazy bowel diagnosis she has had to cut down on her fibre intake, and has undergone tests to see if there's a bowel obstruction. The doctors seem to be at a loss and are clutching at straws for an official diagnosis. It's all very worrying.
    i'm doing ok thanks for asking. You're so lovely to send me big hugs! Thank you, it's good to chat xxx
  • Hiya :) Yeah it was a bit of a way...but what the hell lol. It was good to do something impulsive for a change, and just the kinda thing I like to do too. Yeah we loved it there, not our usual type of place to visit but was good. It was either there or Elan Valley in South Wales, but I couldn't remember where it was and the sat nav couldn't find it from my vague instructions lol.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Budapest, but had to laugh that they had magpies in their zoo lol. Did you take any photo's ?
    Nope no more adventures this weekend. I've been working on an oil painting someone wants. Can't say I'm enjoying doing it ...much rather be working with glass lol, but it's a few quid extra.
    How was the party yesterday ? x
  • Well if you,ve only been out 5 times since last August then your break is well deserved lovely!! Sounds like your in need of it, things have been heavy for you hey.
    Never been to Norfolk but sounds such a lovely and peaceful place to be. When I think of it I think countryside thats what Norfolk always reminds me of. You'll come back all refreshed and relaxed :0) x x
  • We are only off to the eastcoast of Norfolk but for me its just a break, think I've been out 5 times since last August! Glad you had a nice break too hun...x
  • Hi babe, I'm good, off on my hols next Satorday for 3 weeks! Hope alls well with you too hun?...xxx
  • Lovely to meet you hun ;} we are defo soul sisters I was born 14th March lol! happy hippy hugglez
  • Hi hun, not good I'm afraid. My friend has been battling cancer and sadly lost the fight last Saturday. Also my partner's cousin has just had a severe stroke and is still in hospital and paralised down one side. She's got a 6 month old baby to worry about as well, poor girl! My mum's not a well bunny either at the moment, and I've been taking her up to the hospital for tests. It never rains but poors! It seems everyone around me at the moment is falling apart!
    Hope things are a lot sunnier where you are. How was Budapest?
    Yes, i'm really wanting to do some festivals, I'll gonna have to bribe my partner into coming along too.
    The e-bay selling's not going too badly, sold some clothes and a few CDs. Didn't get much moer than 99p for most though as it seems no one wants to pay for anything! When i buy stuff I never seem to get bargains for 99p, but when I sell stuff it only ever goes for the asking price, if at all. It's a bit pants really, especially after ebay have taken their cut but I suppose it beat throwing things away! xx
  • Hiya !!! Nice to see you back again, did you have a good time in Budapest ? Alls well here ta, we went to take the dog for his daily walk yesterday and ended up in Blackpool for a few hours on a whim lol. Hope you enjoy the birthday party :) x
  • Mmmmm you seem alot braver than me!! :0) At least with piercings it's all over in a matter of minutes hey! So how long did it take??
    My brother has just had a dragon done on his back, It's huge, never had a tattoo done in his life. After he turned 40 he made up his mind that he wanted one done, he's had it about 3 months.
    I think he must have a high pain threshold, he said it didn't hurt. I'd need knocking out or else I'd me crying like a baby,lol!! :0) x
  • I havet had it done long two months and the photo was taken on the day i had it done tats why it is so red but yes it killed me but then im just a big woos when it comes to tings like that you know needles!!! yeah i got pierceings oops!
  • Hi there rastsfairyland im sorry i havent got back to you sooner but im just finding my way around this website, yes the tatoo is mine and im chuffed to bits with it and believe it or not iv been stopped whilst out shopping and asked about it crazy hey im just a bit miffed that i dont get as much fun out of it as everyone else des cos i cant see it but thank you for the complement x
  • Hello! Yep, i agree with you there - I love a good thunder storm!
    The Bath & West is an agricultural show, there's craft stalls etc. I used to do all the motorbike rallies (Bulldog Bash, South West, Bumpkin etc) but neither myself or my mates go there now, mainly due to a severe lack of bikes! We all seem to have got old and boring, too many crashes, knackered bikes/knees, arthritis etc!!..And we're only still in our 30's!! Most shameful! I've never done Glastonbury, or other festivals like that. So do you sell stuff at the festivals you go to?
    I drive a car that I inherited from my grandad after he died, a citroen saxo. not really what I'd have chosen myself, but I really appreciated the gift and was previously a bit stuck for transport. At the time I was driving a Mk 1 Cavalier which was in serious need of some love, which I couldn't afford to give it. I realy need to personalise my car, need to have a think about that one. i've had it for 2 years and it's still standard dark blue! I may ask my talented friend to perhaps spray a groovy design on the bonnet. I need to be careful though, as I don't want it to end up looking cheesy! If money etc were no obstacle I would love a Dodge Charger, or Mustang. Actually, I quite fancy driving about in an old Hurse! I'd never be able to afford to run any of the above though!
    Work's ok, yeah I always just go in and be myself. I'm actually looking to work in a different department, if they need me. After the summer hols there will be a lot of new little ones, and I'm hoping that my services will be required! I was offered some work there before, but had to turn it down cos of other commitments. I've now got 6 weeks of summer hols before I have to go back to work, woo hoo! I'm desperately trying to sell things on ebay, so I can get a bit of cash together to tide me over!
    Sorry for taking a while to reply. A close friend of mine has become very ill and my mind's been elsewhere recently.
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine! Speak soon x
  • Arrived safely did the sea route instead of motorways so tired now, you would look better topless in my car (joking or hubby will moan LOL)

    Logan and Rebecca look well , have to go in university next Friday too.

    Hope Budafest goes well

    Take care

  • Hi there not a bad day yesterday helped a friend neeeding a lift to get home from taking car for an MOT she was lucky just 1 tyre needed to pass it.

    Have issues with a Laptop it also has a touch screen issued by student finance for my course but its faulty , it wont charge unless you bend the cable under it, it would not defrag under 10% so worked on it put after my holiday it has to be sent back. it also keeps stalling, the stylus pen broke too/

    Also shot out to see if it was a 5amp fuse becase was waiting on a delivery a optical mouse suppose to be like a roller ball mouse but they cant get them . to finish the order from student finance, turns out the delivery firm said that left a card , in a brown door , funny mine is silver , so expecting it to come early today.

    Going into university today 10am to sort all the forms out needed to try to avoid the cock ups last year .

    Will pack my bags and head to Brighton along the coastal route today topless in my car , no silly with the roof down not without my T shirt LOL

    My course part time will take 5 years or full time 3 years , it will not effect my benifits if part time and should get all fees paid by the system.

    Not sure if I wiiill take my laptop away with me , yes going to have fun and enjoy myself.

    Take Care

  • My relationships about the same 8 years max but at least have 2 grown up kids and a grandson, its harder starting out again once disabled looking for mrs right , its so sad that they are separated now due to Mums health , you can see in Dads eyes he is sad.

    The dogs having many tests 2 plasters on his front legs and 2 other shaved areas my freid has to pay 10% of the bill thank god for insurance.

    Well I am 55 years young , still some life in me but not sure where I left it ? its great fun riding motorcycles but now just have a convertable smart car, it gets me about even to festivals

    Will be great to meet up with some of the people who use this forum or another I also use one day, I dont do the drink or drugs now but you can not beat the atmosphere

    Going to be away from Friday for a week at least visiting my daughter and my grandson , so cant wait.

    Its great to occuphy your mind even if your ill hence looking forward to starting BA (hons) Web Design doing it part time so its not too much , so I think it starts in August

    Take Care

  • Hi there good evening, I had very little sleep so not been very active today , I popped out to see a friend her dog has a blood disorder and it could be bad new when the results come back , since we got back from Glastonbury her dog has gone to almost skin and bone its sad cos he is a lovely dog, he is a cross not sure with what ?

    Mum and Dad are old I have not seen ete to eye with my Dad for years but for the sake of respect I tolerate him I call him Victor Meldrew because he thinks he knows it all wont be told etc but O well, I have voiced how I feel about Mum but it will not be till she is moved before she gets better treated etc. It was funny on Monday she kept winking at me also touching my knee, told Dad to wear shorts next time he went cos Mum may touch his knee then, cos I had shorts on,
    Dads heart is messed up he has 3 wires regulating it over 50% scar tissue too, he has peripheral neuriprophy too nerves in hands and feet are dead and he gets lots of pain,among other stuff
    Look after your life while your young enough to enjoy yourself you have no idea whats around the corner it must be hard without your Mum around
    My sister does have nothing to do with us she is selfish and not interested in family life, no kids a guy living with her a short while, he looks very worn at the edges not sure if he is for real but its her choice, I have my daughter Rebecca aged almost 19 her Son Logan almost 1 year and Mark my son aged 26 and we try to help each other etc Marks girlfriend is also nice been helping out looking after Dad a lot lately, I take her to Maidstone tomorrow for an interview in return cot a cat sitter for Small world Festival : o )

    My Mum and Dad been together 65 years so proud of that its sad that realy have lost Mum as we knew here its hard watching how sad Dad is when he looks her when we visit the home, but you cope somehow.
    I need to meet more people and make friends at festivals I am a kind of hippy biker but retired riding bikes now , no cannabis or booze gust get high on atmosphere , finf best place for that is at festivals need to find an old fart like me and settle down LOL
    Take care
  • The hair dyes called Maroon red...so no knowing what colour it'll turn out lol. Yep 8 kids Emma 39, Rich 38, Chris 37, Ben 34, Jed 31, Dan 30, Jenny 26 ( she's sockspinner on here) and Billie 19. Six boys two girls, and they've given me 13 grandkids between and two great grand kids lol. There was only Jen living at home with me till this week and then my youngest Billie moved back, cos he's just split up with his ex. It used to be busy when they all lived at home !!! But it's all quiet now, there's just the three of us lol and my ole dog.

    Tunisia was amazing I loved it there, and Switzerland was beautiful, and apart from the wooden chalets and the cows with bells, pretty much like living here scenery wise. I stayed in a bus with some traveller mates when I was in the Highlands, it was -10 at nites, but the bus was so hot I spent the whole time wearing a vest top and I was still too hot lol. The scenery was out of this world, because there was heavy snow, and seeing stags on the mountain sides was something I'll never forget. x
  • Hi There no cure for me, but less stress helps, keep taking the meds etc.

    Please try the Small World Festival in Spring sure your like it

    I am just back into Festivals did the Small World Spring one and Glastonbury , I want to head to Wales Lake district and Scotland if I can to Festivals but would also use other camp sites or go wild to make a few weeks break.

    Mum has dementia and Dads not well so visited him then took him to see Mum in a nursing home they are taking liberties she is not looked after well, Mums getting moved soon to another, its very upsetting Mum is not the same now.
  • Hiya hun, yeah not a bad day at all today, not done much apart from get myself a bright red hair dye, and cut some bits of glass though lol. We're going to a wedding at the weekend and hopefully 7 out of 8 of my kids will be there, so it'll be a bit of a family gathering too. we're staying at my old home town, so I'll be meeting up with a few mates while I'm there. Awww that's a shame you aren't going to be able to go to Budapest for long :( I've been to Tenerife, Tunisia, Majorca, Switzerland, Belgium and France, oh yeah and the Highlands of Scotland lol. I wish I had the money to travel now ...but there's no chance lol. I usually buy glass in half sheets. :) x
  • Hiya, glad you managed to get the tyre sorted on your bus. flippin' vehicles, it's always something isn't it! I don't get to do many festivals. I just go to things like the Bath & West show, Steam fairs, classic car rallies, and friends all-nighter BBQ's!
    Wow, Budapest. sounds like quite an adventure. Have you been before? Who are you going with?
    You're so right about being able to relate to people at work when you're a bit different. yes, I do seem to have a bit more time for the kids than a lot of others who just turn up to do their job, then disappear home again as fast as they can!
    Your job also sounds very rewarding. It's great that you're known as "the one with the multi-coloured dreads"!
    I had a lovely weekend thanks. It's always good when the sun shines! Went to a friends anniversary BBQ Sat night, through to sunday morning. It was a little tamer than normal, but still good to catch up with lots of people I haven't seen in a while.
    I hope you enjoy Budapest if I don't speak to you before. Take care x
  • I got Glandular Fever 1st then the other crap because my immune system is messed up, I think you would enjoy Small World Festival they also have one in Spring worth a visit next year , there is an Essex gathering soon I may go too will you both be there ? Long distance relationships are OK if your happy
  • Morning hun, I think the dig's come to a finish now. They can only afford to dig for so long apparently due to the funding or something.
    Glad your weekend was ok too. Lucky you going off to Budapest, it sounds a lot more exotic than my trip to the Midlands tomorrow lol. Are you travelling round while you're there or staying in one place ? I hope you're going to take lots of photo's while you're away to share on here ?
    Yeah some colours in glass are dearer than others, that's because some colours like red contain gold so they say, also purple seems dearer too which is a shame cos it's my favourite colour lol. Also the different styles of glass can be dearer too, and some are really hard to cut too, especially some of the ones with a lot of texture. :) x
  • They are my cats, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over 10 years hence dont work now, yes it was a bit humming in the crowds not many had deodorant lol,yes Small World Festival is over the bank holiday
  • Aww...thanks for your very kind words, it was a hard time for me as mum and dad went just 13 weeks apart.

    Hope you're well and enjoyin the fab weekend! xxx
  • I was at the disabled area of Glastonbury due to Fibro and CFS ,that area was well kept and had good showers etc, It was so hot there but when doing nothing went to Small World Tent for a tea, not sure about farmer phils but you should check out [url]http://www.smallworldsolarstage.org/smallworld/index.html[/url] its in Headcorn Kent I went to the Spring one, my tickets reserved already
  • [I]Meg and Carriad may like to meet my boys Casper and Arthur I put pictures of them on here too[/I]
  • Slash Levellers Sea Sick Steve , Arthur Brown, Curved air, Christy Moore,Quintessants etc , was a great festival
  • Hooray, the weekend! My weeks been a bit shit! Everyone seems to be leaving around me, soon I'll be on my tod! I think it's time to move on but not sure what I want to do. I work with special needs kids at the moment, but I need to do something where I'm not looked down on by the other staff (they can be a bit weird, especially as I only work part time). There they are looking all prim & proper & teacher-like, and there I am rocking up with my dreads and generally not comforming! I need a job where abilities and personality come before looks! (Is there such a thing?) What do you do for work?
    Yeah, I thought I'd loose weight after going vegan, but I guess I've been eating more! I think I may have been a bit disordered in the eating department before sorting myself out & going vegan though, so I suppose that's what happens when you start eating properly!