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  • hi hun would you mind waiting till the 14th august as im going away camping
    i think i have a top the same but diff colours
    hugs sensi
  • heya girly,
    am not hurting bab beacsause am on shit loads of drugs...a fine cocktail of all colours shapes n sizes that 3 minsa after takine em im asleep,out of it,til the next lot prety much.
    hope to be coming home soon,
    but this is life for at least the next 6 to 12 mthes :(
    hurt,meds,sleep,hurt,meds,sleep oh add to that a few kidney protests aswell i spect :rolleyes:
    NO lifting nor even a kettle n defo not celyn :(
    n no fkn drivin agai for at least 12 weeks..
    bim deal eh dude..bum deal !!!!

    hows yo?
    whas happening ?
    is kyle still there ?
    my eyes are fading, i'll have to type more tomoro
  • hi Jan, check out this link[URL="http://www.cleoltd.net/native-american-accessories-c-288_549.html"] cleoltd.net/native-american-accessories-c-288_549.html[/URL]
    it won't tell you the prices but you can see the stuff on offer, if there's anything you fancy let me know and i'll check the price for you.
  • Hurry up n be my neighbour will ya :P

    I'll never run out of milk or sugar ever again n as for the other :angel:
    i think we have that under control too :P

    welcome to the cuntry girly :hug:
  • how long did it take!!! two hours of wrigeling about all over the place and squiking!! poor guy doing it must have been really miffed with me lol x
  • Mmmmm you seem alot braver than me!! :0) At least with piercings it's all over in a matter of minutes hey! So how long did it take??
    My brother has just had a dragon done on his back, It's huge, never had a tattoo done in his life. After he turned 40 he made up his mind that he wanted one done, he's had it about 3 months.
    I think he must have a high pain threshold, he said it didn't hurt. I'd need knocking out or else I'd me crying like a baby,lol!! :0) x
  • hey there well iv had it for about two months now got it just after my hubby died we were trying for ages to find the right one and in the end my son found it for me, and yes it killed me having it done but then im just a woos so dont take my word for it.
  • Hey hun, I can see why your buzzed with your tattoo, it's fab. I have piercings but not that brave to get a tat done.
    Did it hurt, and how long have you had it? It looks fairly new. No what you mean about finding your way round the site!! :0) x
  • Sooo Widow Twankee,
    what thee be thinking right now ?
  • Ahhhh is that your tattoo on your profile picture?? It's fab!! :0)
  • An ark ?
    Hmm i got most things packed but the closest i got to an ark would be a two man rubber dinghy:p
    That do ya ?
  • hi weecab cant wait to get there got a couple of extras to keep the conversation going round the fire should be a good crack LOL
  • helo sweety cant wait to see you and have some fun thought id bring a few extras with me to keep the conversation going LOL
  • cant wait im so upsited aunty jo im like a kid that just drank to many bubbles!!!!!!!!
  • You n your bloody dildo's ....
    EEEW !
    stick em in my fridge be dammed!
    Hows you today hun ?
    Tics house came up lovely :)
    off to pack more now xxx
  • Hello darlin, looking forward to seeing you soon x x