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  • Cheers mate! I got it on DVD and love it! Hope you enjoy :hug:
  • hiya sweetie hows things did you get too trev
    hope you had a blast if you did
    you take care
    big cuddles sensi
  • No mate they were there when i last looked but i left the feild before everyone else in our group,cos had truck starting problems didnt i ...
    so when it did start , i flew out a bit i dunno where the wood went sorry mate.
    but i think there is some bits in the back of my truck that i'd loaded the night before x
  • thanks hunny just arrived its ace
    and such official packaging
    good luck with your creations
    love light and hugs sensi
  • Hiya Hun please could I have the brown one
    I'm off to clear my inbox so let me know how much and how you want paying
    Hope your well
    Love sensi
  • Awwww My Baba :D
    Lovin the taffness Adz :P
    I'll photograph Hecate's bonnet,door ect n post pics to add to your "stuff" youve created.
    Have you got pics of Trevs bracelets and my necklace ?
  • I'll tell you what you suprise me hunny
  • Can I have one with purple beads or browns please
    Let me know how you want paying sweetheart I'll pm you my addy tomorrow
  • Lovin your stuff Hun that necklace is awesome
    How much do you charge for your bracelets
    Are you still at jos sweetheart
    Big hugs sensi
  • wow you make bracelets ......sorry for bieng nosy and ready your message daisy
    get some pics up hunny
    lovley pic of you and celyn
    big hugs sensi
  • Hey hun, lovely to meet you this weekend. You left before I paid you for the bracelet.....ok to pay when I next see you? :)