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  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • hello lovely! am going to be down in london on tues till sun......but really tied up wed/thurs teatime. are you around then? xxx
  • I wonder what happened to Gomphus, this morning, he never misses....I wonder if he overslept ;)
    Good luck on the beach weather-type thing, probably need a coat as it's likely to be bracing ;)
  • :five: Well done you!! An official PGH, you must feel so proud ;) :D
  • Hi there, what have you got planned for the BH weekend? I'm enjoying my last few days of freedom before I head back to work on Tuesday! My youngest son turns into a 'Kevin' on Monday (13th birthday), so that should be fun! He's requested Chinese food and homemade chocolate cake....nice!! It'll be interesting to see what UKH looks like after the update???
  • Mornin' Mister H :) No patches of blue sky here, I'm afraid, just grey drizzle! How was the Kora festival at the weekend?
  • morning flower! we will be here all week....maybe a day off to angelsey if the weather is good. i am known for being flexible ( which my kids call changing my mind at the last minute!) give me a call or text. am working all weekend. start at 12.30 today and home at 5pm tomorrow. H has gone to the greenman festival with my downstairs neighbours, evs is engineering at a fundraising gig at the everton stadium today. i have morphed into boring old mum........aaaaaaaaagh!!! i so need to go and sit on a beach somewhere hot!
  • :waves: Morning (just)
    Oh, so close to getting a PGH (Pre-Gomphus hit)...never mind there'll be other mornings ;)
    Have a great day down in that Brighton!! :D
  • well as i said you are welcome to stay here over night if you need to - we even do veggie dinners!!!!
  • morning flower - yes absolutely re the picasso. check for ticket availability tho! there is also a lovely exhibition on shakleton at the maritime museum and that's only just round the corner. you'd be welcome to stay with us here so it isn't an uberschlep! as you know my time on here is somewhat erratic so better to text if you do decide to come up. have a beautiful day....i actually am not in work and the sun is out ( at the mo) so will be heading off to the park with h. xxx
  • Not up, still in bed, but couldn't sleep so I checked online and he hadn't been on...and he posted just minutes AFTER me.....then he posted quickly then disappeared....probably pissed off after doing his milk round ;) (I have no idea what he does either, but I'm intrigued!! :D)
  • morning lovely hexagramman! ha! i am proof that vegan choccy cake can leave curves!!!! btw - went to the picasso 'peace and freedom' exhibition a few weeks back when you were in greece. it was wonderful. i am actually getting a whole week off from the 23rd.....not sure if we'll come down south but there is a possibility. do you ever head up these ends? have a beautiful day....xxx
  • hey there! hows things? actually managed to get a whole weekend off....it's ev's birthday today so am about to bake a choccy fudge cake - vegan style so h can have some! have a beautiful day - what's left of it! xxx
  • hey hunny good to see you back you take care and have a top day hugs sensi
  • hey hexagraman!!!! tropical wothing eh? well we went for a lovely walk, ended up at the playground and had a competition- who can swing the highest!!!!!! yup - i know, not very cultural....but releasing the inner child, shich frankly doesn't take much doing. xxx
  • mmmm, i really miss greece sometimes. funny how you were on ermou when i sent you the text!!! all good here. summer hols for h in full swing!
  • Morning hunni just dropped by to say hi
    Have a great day
    I think the sun is hiding here
    Love sensi
  • morning you! well that sounds an interesting way to spend an evening!!!! have been busy redecorating the flat and painting. as i had the day off yesterday i managed to finish my bedroom make over! have a lovely day....xxx
  • hi ma, just back from appearing naked on stage in a performance art event - it was put on by an MA student who was doing it as part of his degree and I was happy to help out ;)
  • ooo -er...something wierd for the weekend???? so where's the pm??? or did you send it by normal email? note to self: must check!!! i am sooooo nosey....
  • morning flower! back to work today and then a couple of long shifts over the weekend...managed to go to b & q yesterday so should have the kitchen almost done by next weekend... have you got anything wonderful planned for the weekend? have a lovely sunshiney day! hugs xxx
  • aw - morning flower! bless the gods of ukh then, eh? have a beautiful day.....probably lovely and sunny in brighton and hove ( actually)..... it's a bit soggy and windy here. h still off school, evan is going to mind him while i pop out to b & q. since i decided to stay here rather than move your ends we have been sorting out this flat with paint aned all sorts. my bedroom furniture is about to get attacked with a paint brush and a pot of paint....it needs a change of colour. good to have you here btw!!! hugs
  • morning flower!!! xxx