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  • Hayho Jay did you get a new van/bus after :) what you been up to ..
  • Hi Jay, I'm fine ta :) I've had quite a chilled week, not doing that much, a bit of decorating and gardening! The first week of the holidays is always like this! My boys have gone to Spain for a week with their Dad, and I'm off to Wales, fir a gathering! Just getting all my stuff together and heading off on Wednesday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good. I hope everything is ok with you?
  • [ raining ? where are you. its been hot hot hot here for weeks mate. got any plans on where you might be heading.. no new wheels yet. really struggling on what i want to get. if your ever near berkshire then we should meet up for a brew.]

    lol :P you posted that to your self and not me :)
  • Ok ta :) Counting down 'til Friday and then 7 weeks holiday...yay :D
    I'm going on a school trip today; we're taking KS1 to Snibston Discovery Park to look at fun scientific stuff for kids....hopefully it will be fun, and not too stressful!!! I've got yoga tonight to recover anyway!
    How are things with you?
  • raining ? where are you. its been hot hot hot here for weeks mate. got any plans on where you might be heading.. no new wheels yet. really struggling on what i want to get. if your ever near berkshire then we should meet up for a brew.
  • not much this week m8y, its been raining down here most of the week :P
    As soon as we get some sun again i;ll be off out and about for a week or so in da buss :)

    And you ? got your self new wheels yet ....
  • Hiya Jay :) The weather has been amazing and I've been out in it loads...building up a cracking tan! Just got back from Glos. I went down to Tewkesbury Medieval Festival yesterday and met up with a few hippies from off here; stayed overnight with my sister and we sat outside in her garden until the wee small hours drinking Pimms, Crabbies and wine (not mixed together, i might add ;)) So, I've had a very chilled weekend...so it's all good! One more week at work then I break-up for the summer! The elderflower champers sounds good, it's supposed to be quite fizzy, explosive in fact....enjoy! Hope you have had a good weekend!
  • Won't make ito Essex, too far darn sarf, innit ;) but hope everyone that goes has a great time. Back at work today...weekends just don't last long enough..

    How are you? You enjoying it here? :D
  • im fine thanks.jay i live near stoke-on-trent.i wouldnt be able to get down there..thankyou for the offer though.it was very thoughtful of you:waves::D
  • Hi Jay...really busy week at work, got an Ofsted inspection on Wednesday/Thursday so everyone is gearing up for that, and trying to stay calm!!! I've got yoga tomorrow night which I'll really be ready for. I'm a Cubscout leader and on Wednesday evening we're off to the woods with the Cubs to play some games...should be good if the weather stays nice. Thursday evening we're all off to the local pub for someone's leaving do, but I'm taking the car as I don't want to drink as I've got work on Friday.
    On Saturday/Sunday I'm off to Gloucestershire to stay with my big sis and we are off to Tewkesbury Medieval Festival meeting up with a few hippys off here...really looking forward to it. Then next week it's an equally busy week...i feel exhausted just typing it!!!
    Your elders sound ok....the yeast will probably have done the trick..I'll be keen to know what the end result tastes like :) Your picnic sounds fun....how old is your daughter?
  • only 2 miles from where i am now.no id love to but i cant get down essex! :eek:.the packings alright nowive sorted most of it.i dont even have that much junk or clutter so its all fine. how are you?
  • Hiya...I was thinking of going to Coventry Festival but was far too tired and was in need of a rest so sat in the sun, in the back garden, listening to some music instead. I've got a busy 2 weeks coming up before I break up from my job at school, so thought I should get some zzzzz's in. How's your elderflower champers coming on?
  • yeah im good ta. you? im moving on monday and im leaving the packing til the last minute.which i shouldnt lol
  • Let me know how the champers goes...my mum and dad used to make it and I remember it tasted lush! You have to be really careful that you keep it in bottles that can withstand the pressure cos I remember a bottle or two of my mum and dad's exploding and taking out a pane of glass ;) The right temperature is important too!
    It's good you managed to sell your van...and for cash, too! Did you get the price you wanted for it?
  • [url]http://www.usedcoachsales.co.uk/index.ihtml[/url]
  • Fookin nice 1 matey :) thats what i payed for mine :whistle:;)
    am ok thanks hows you... and good luck with finding a new bus, i love mine :D
  • Hi there...not bad, thanks! Not achieved too much apart from going to work...far too hot, it saps all my energy...not complaining though, I hope it stays for the summer now :)
    Just enjoying a nice cold glass of pear cider :) Have you had a good day? Find any elderflowers?
  • Hi jay, Hmm where to start, only had my bus a few weeks now it was painted by the last owner not me.. when it needs doing again i will be lookin on the net for more info on how to do it, [URL]http://www.stephen.hull.btinternet.co.uk/index.html[/URL]
    seen your van and i think it looks ok as it is and the price seams ok to me, remember its a small market out there for these typs of livein vans mate so a sale may take time,
    have you tryed advertising it on other sites,tribal-living, preloved, ebay, gumtree, loot, pistonheads, ect ect anyway good luck with the sale it just takes time ;):)
  • Elderberry wine is gorgeous and really easy to make! It makes amazing mulled wine for Yule. I haven't got my recipe to hand atm but will look it out for you :)
    I made a load of cider last Autumn from the apples on my tree, but it was very dry! I'm going to try apple wine this year instead. Hugh F-W had a brilliant recipe for nettle beer, which I want to try at some point....it's probably online on the BBC food website :)
  • yea sure mate :) how can i help ..?
  • Elderflowers are in flower for about 6 weeks, starting early to mid June depending on the weather. I would gauge that we are in the middle of the flowering season atm. I'm waiting for the berries at the end of August so I can make wine :)
  • It's very hot and sticky here too in the E Midlands...I'm hoping it cools down a bit later for my yoga class or I shall be melting!
    No, I haven't made plans yet...i'm waiting until my summer hols start in 3 weeks to decide as I've been invited all over the place in the 6 weeks I'm off work! I shall play it by ear and decide nearer the time! I was supposed to be going to Trevstock (ukh hippy gathering) but the site we were going to cancelled and it's too late in the day to find another site for 80+ people!
  • you should mate its gonna be great. as for camping gear i have spare tents sleeping bags etc. i have a fridge oven hobs in the van so we can eat properly and have tea whenever. gonna be taking up lots of things for peeps to do like juggling and poi. frisbies cricket etc etc.
  • i will definetly think about the essex gathering, and let you know soon. Some camping gear on loan would be good, if i can make it. between my mum and my ex, i hardly have any now.
  • yeah i did have a look at the photo album, v nice.
    no i didn't go to glasto, too big and comercial for my likeing, i have been twice tho.. umm '98 and '99 i think. I prefer the smaller festies personaly, the last i went to was sunrise celebration in '07, lush.
    ahh rite is that the essex gathering ? hmm may be into that, but will know closer to the date. i can drive but havn't got a license, lack of money, and, or life keeps getting in the way before i get to my test, tho have driven unofficialy, and done loads on 'L' plates.
  • hello jaytek, im not to bad thank you, and your self ? i havn't been up to much lately, am trying to apply for a uni course, but finding it harder than i think it should be. Im in somerset, how about you ? coffee is always good, tho i drink tea. theres a gathering on aug 12th ? :eek:
    like your avatar pic thingy, it looks like a pete loveday, is it ?
  • Yup. If you go on efestivals you can get all the info. There are four of us going so far, I haven't put it on the site coz i was not sure the hippies would like this kind of thing, maybe i'll try it.
  • hiya i use to live up essex way near chelmsford. i have a ford transit 190 ambulance that i converted about 4 years ago. if you check my photo albums you should see it or go to photo albums at the top of this page. its the one with about 10 pics. what you doing over in bulgaria. anything nice going on.
  • [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]No won't be able to make it as I should be in [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Bulgaria[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] around then.[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I’m on the Essex Suffolk border on the river [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Stour[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] at the moment (well a lot of the time)[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]What sort of transport are you in, it says self employed?[/FONT][/COLOR]
  • just thought id give ya your first message.
    get the ball rolling as it were.