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  • Hiya, cheers for your reply, yep mine is also the 2.4 diesel, kinda strange that nobody does a manual but I guess it's a farely rare van. I guess i'll have to keep making it up as a I go along as far as repairs are concerned! I see dieseldog below also has an LT! maybe we should start a VW LT group on here, see if there are any more?
  • Hi there, I spotted in your avatar picture you have a VW LT the same as we have, and I wondered if you could possibly help me. Ive been searching everywhere for a manual for our van, its an LT35 from 1995, looks the same as yours except its a luton back. Do you have any idea where I might find a manual?
  • Hi Rae, sorry bout the delay in reply. We're twixt Carmarthen n Lampeter. Our LT is a Westfalia Florida with additions, eg the new solar panels which feed into the leisure battery circuit n keep it topped up, 3side windows, will have to measure the door aperture. Go to eastfalia website to have a good look at Florida internal n external. :hippy: :thumbup: Will speak soon.
  • :) we would like to become friends as we also live in South (West) Wales and also have a VW LT, as does also our daughter n family. :hippy:
  • Hiya, you get back ok? Not stopped by VOSA? :whistle: