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  • nope, I ended up stranded on the tacky-seaside town end of the moor . . . desperately trying to escape mind; just to somewhere away from butlins like. looked at a wee place near simonsbath today, but you couldn't get much dingier for your money.

    last time i did anything sociable in Dulverton must've been winter solstice circa 1997 up at a scout hut type thing
  • oh yes and anti hunt at that oh dear, you know these parts,not an old melton house hippy dweller by any chance
  • hippies in Dulverton who haven't been shot by the landed gentry?

    flipping eck!
  • dulverton is about 15 miles awey from wivvie ( bampton way)
  • just thought I'd drop by and say Hi.

    you can't be so far from me is Wivvy is only 15 miles away