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  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Did you have a good Shambala?:hippy:
  • :eek: That was the most urgent 'hello' I have ever recieved! Hello :waves:
  • :waves:
  • I'm only a bit familiar with one or two Waterboys song's, I'm assuming you recommend them then?! What album would you recommend???

    Surely 27-30 isn't so bad...........??? I hope not because I'm 30 in a few weeks, feeling a bit squiffy about it I must say!!! It feels odd to be getting older!! Thankfully I get ID'd most times (though it is 'think 25' these days) and the lady at Tescos the other day put me at 23-24 so I don't think I need panic just yet!!!

    Favourite past-times??
  • Hellooo!
    Yes I have been to Avebury countless times, I'm about an hour and a bit from there - and in fact I'm lucky enough to count the 'Keeper of the Stones' Druid Terry as one of my nearest friends. I've feasted with him in his little sarcen stone cottage, I'm a lucky girl :) Avebury is where I spend most of the Pagan Festivals, I try and make as many 'Free and Open' Gorsedds as I can throughout the year. I've visited West Kennet Long Barrow many a time, too, I'm lucky enough to have done many ancient sites of the South.
    Meet on the Ledge!! Awww that's enough to bring a tear to anyone's eye!! What a wonderful experience for you both and what a lucky dad he is having a son like you :) What else did they play??
    Why would anyone feel sorry for Lord Donalds wife!? Good grief! She wasn't exactly very trustworthy was she?? The fact that he buried 'her on the top, 'cos she is of noble kin' always brings a lump to my throat.....
  • I also love ancient history which is why I love 'Woodhenge' the song!! Many of my weekends are spent wandering around ruins of old Abbeys, earthworks, hillforts etc etc ....the large tattoo that can be seen on my arm in some of the pics on here are actually of the stones at Wayland's Smithy in Oxfordshire (ever been??) where I plan to be laid to rest :)
    I'm very envious of you seeing Fairport, I bet that was amazing!! I love how Fairport's songs can all vary so much in their sound, I absolutely love Sandy Denny's voice. I think the story in Matty Groves is very sad, poor Lord Donald :(
    I'm also a child of the wrong generation, my mum always points that out. Think I am a little bit older than you, though, judging by your pic.
    You're lucky I caught this message, you put it on your own wall! ;)
  • I love all kinds, I must say drum and bass and dubstep are not really on the list, but like you Folk has got to be on top! I have seen quite a few folky bands recently, I saw Fairport in January, I took my dad for his Christmas present! He absolutely loved it, so did I, there new album is quite good to, I just invested in it recently! Some of the songs are not that good but there are some great ones on it! Try get your hands on it if you get the chance!

    I really am a child of the 60's at heart, I love the music and the general society at the time....!

    Here is one of my favorite new songs! -> [video=youtube;tKLe4DT5E8k][/video]
  • Ah wow! I have never heard of woodhenge the song, so I am listening to it now, it is fantastic, because I love ancient history / archaeology, I love woodhenge the place, so I thought I should listen to what the song was like! My favorite album of mike oldfields is between The Songs of Distant Earth and Tubular Bells III, so many good memories of Mike! :D
  • cont'd....
    I suppose I'm a folkie these days, my absolutely favourite genre... I love the Underground/Acid Folk scene of Britain during the 60s/70s -Water Into Wine Band, Fairport Convention, Mellow Candle, John Renbourn, Sheelagh MacDonald, Pentagle -funny cos usually I dislike female vocalists (a lot!) but Folk is the exception!! I love songs about the Countryside, about love, about the struggle to survive, about the birds in the trees, the changing of the seasons, about fair maidens and merry men... I think Folk is very evocative.

    What about you??
  • I concur!
    Well, I have to say you can't beat the full version of Tubular Bells, it reminds me of growing up listening to it in my bedroom, of family. I don't have a favourite album - I love Hergest Ridge, 'Music of the Spheres' for more classical-style Oldfield... I love 'Woodhenge' & 'Platinum' from the Platinum album.
    Other stuff I like?..Rick Wakeman's 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' love those organs! I have vast musical tastes really - anything from psytrance, drum&bass, dubstep, reggae, classical, you name it except perhaps 'popular' music...
  • Ahhh I see from your blurb you like Mike Oldfield - I love him!! Actually anything instrumental and floaty and psychadelic does it for me! :)
  • Yes! I love spinning fire and mucking about with it.... a favourite past time - and it earns me a bit of money from time to time :)
  • You're most welcome sir!!
  • [FONT=Arial Black]You're very welcome :) Gotta love randomnity! [sic][/FONT]
  • Well, I am loving your art work. You have a very great talent there :D
    And as far as my opinion goes hun, I think it should definitely be a dragon. I think there is something mystical and magical about dragons and I think when finished, that will have the magic x
  • Just thought I would say Hi, seen you posting on some interesting threads, hows you? :D
  • hello mate hows it going you ok. what you been upto recently anything nice :) hope your ok take care bud :)
  • Hi Charlie how you feeling today, have u found your cat?x
  • Hey Charlie Hows it going with the Loganberries, what do they look like? I'm sure I tried some once and they were lush, I'll have to look out for them.
    What position are you applying for in that job? Good luck with ya interview x
  • its not boring at all! its animal talk; i love animals :D what endangered species does he breed? i love that people rescue battery hens :) id love to have some one day, but wouldnt know what to do with the eggs, being vegan n all?! we have no animals at home, except my fish and a little pond. it sucks :( i did have a kitty cat but he died last xmas and my folks wont let us get another :(

    ohh,that sucks. well,just think of it this way, if you lose touch with people, then theyre just not meant to be in your life for longer than they were. and then you realise that those who do stick through are really special :)

    what year of uni are you in?

    im not entirely sure to be honest! ideally something to do with wildlife of course! i quite like the who research side of it, but would like to live abroad at some point. my dream is to live in/near a jungle and do lots of research there :D but we'll see!

    hehe i hope to have them for much longer too! id wanted them since i was young, but yea, never knew if theyd suit me or not, and had very different friends back then who talked me out of it. oh! beards are good too! i try n try but mine just wont grow! :insane:

    ive got about 13 weeks i think, or maybe a few less now. move back to kent on the 11th sept, so its hell of a long summer! apparently i should get them by the 12th july, so not long to wait now. i think its cus i was one of the last to finish? and i guess the 2nd/3rd year results are more important to mark first!

  • ah thats nice, i bet your family's quite supportive then, of your quest to buy land n all?

    hehe,i seem to be the opposite, its greener for me at uni i think. i live in northamptonshire and really dont like it!i cant wait to get back to uni, and cus we'll have the house next year,hopefully i can stay there more over the holidays. i can relate to the friends thing though, i seem to only really have one good friend i see often when im at home now! its sad when you grow apart from people like that, but i guess its just another chapter in life, and you make new uni friends :)

    oh thats a shame. its fairly hands on. the first term wasnt, but during the second term we had a week long field course where we did lots of practical stuff. it was exhausting but awesome :D when revising for my exams i realised its actually quite a depressing subject, as most of it is looking at how we're destroying this and that and how everythings our fault! doesnt give you much faith in the human race at all!
    environmental science is certainly part of it, i did a module on it this year, though it wasnt my favourite one i must say! now ive had very wildlifey themed modules, i prefer those ones,though i guess its all good knowledge to have

    thank you :D theyre 3 years old now,the time has flown so quickly! i was mildly concerned yesterday as i didnt really think when on the beach and they got covered in sand..i didnt think itd come out easy!

  • [COLOR=green]oo that sounds lovely! youre lucky your family is into that sort of stuff too. i repotted some chilli plants id started growing at uni the other day, and my dad started moaning cus i wouldnt be here to look after them. tsch! [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]aw,im sure youll find something. good luck! are you living in notts now then, or do you go back home during the hols? oo archaeology, cool, one of my best friends is doing that :) [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]theres plenty of time to travel yet! ive barely left europe too. what is it about those places that youd like to see?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]ive just finished my first year at uni in kent, studying wildlife conservation. i love it :D but im getting impatient waiting for my exam results now :eek: [/COLOR]
  • haha excellent! i mnaged to rustle up a pirate costume earlier this year...even found a parrot to strap to my shoulder :D its fun dressing up..

    ohh so many animals! i love it! the name freya is lovely :) do you live on a farm then, or just like lots of critters running round? :D youll have to show us pictures when the quail hatch!

    what kind of job are you looking for? just something for the summer? i assume youre still at uni, as i read somewhere..

    im going to thailand for 7 weeks :cheshire: ive never done the whole backpacking thing before so am rather excited, but have no idea what to take or expect :insane:

  • ohh i could be! though, the romanticised version of a pirate..not the realistic stealing-possibly-not-so-nice version!

    ohh how cute! im so jealous that you have chicks :D do they have names?

    ive been super lazy today,well,sort of. came back from a few days at a friends so was sat on a train for a great proportion of the day, then i tried to pack for my travels :D went to the beach yesterday though. was awesome! :D i swam in the sea and everything (afte being confident that i wouldnt get more than my ankles in the water) how about you? x
  • [COLOR=purple]ahoy there 'new friend'! how are you? :) x[/COLOR]
  • Hello, How are you? :)
  • Had, I known it existed I'd have scampered on by far sooner but realistically as lame as it sounds - I have a lot of friends who share these interest out in the real world, so to speak, but as i mentioned earlier my ex now lives with them so it's a little awkward.

    What about yourself? Whats got you hippying it up?
  • Had, I known it existed I'd have scampered on by far sooner but realistically as lame as it sounds - I have a lot of friends who share these interest out in the real world, so to speak, but as i mentioned earlier my ex now lives with them so it's a little awkward.

    What about yourself? Whats got you hippying it up?
  • the atmosphere can be incredible sometimes.paganism has always interested me but im not fixed on any particular religion.