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  • I really miss you too Sunny! *squeezy hug* And I think of you lots. Shall we have a msn phone call tonight or over the weekend, I think I really need some time with you. Its a bloody crazy world out there and I find a bit of a sanctuary in our conversations.

    Loads of love to you x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x
  • Hey Sunny how are U? :waves:
  • [COLOR=green]Ahh it sounds like quite a nice day :-)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#008000]When do you leave Guernsey? [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#008000]I'm quite good... Quite tired, hard day at the cafe![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#008000]It'd be nice to talk at some point... x [/COLOR]
  • Hello :)
    I'm good. Having a sleepy day and doing the occasional bit of packing things into boxes. School term is finished now which is a relief :) Feeling excited about getting to know a new group of children in september.
    How are you?
  • Sorry about earlier, my battery has died and I'm feeling too uncomfortable to go home and sort it out. (((((big love to you))))) Hope to talk to you soon x x x x x
  • Last night a dreampt that you and me built a swimming pool in the back garden and then went swimming in it :D

    Hope you are having a lovely evening x x x x
  • Good morning :bighug:
  • :whistle::clap::badger::sheep2::boner:
  • eeek haha, I can assure you its not what you are thinking. And besides, you are one to talk..with your naughty sticky hot chocolate goo :P
  • haha yep, and being naughty with a can of guinness :D.. that happens to contain a floating widget :eek:
  • its on me profile under contact info :P im getting offline in a mo, got to, making myself poorly staying up :( x x x
  • Sunny :) Its a rare treat to see you online x
  • excellent, see ya there, possibly with less mud on yer face sunny!

    x x x
  • missed our visitor messaging :o
  • Hey Sunny, how's things? :)
  • ^^
    Veryyy welcome *huggles*
    :) Not up to much got a day off my work placement from college today WIN WIN :D heheee XD
    Ohhhh foooood good idea :)
    xx x
  • ^^
    thank youuuu MWAH! im loving it sooooo much it's a awesome place man ^_^!
  • I heard :D Did they like his school?
    had a crap day actually,been in bed rather than college as planned coz I got a bug :( But would bite the heads off visitors at mo so didnt think it wise to give you and your mates a yell.Hope you enjoyed hartland though and see ya soon :thumbup:
  • haha... yeah, an hour every day on the phone to you feels like no time at all! :D

    I've got to get back to school now. I hope carpentry goes well!

    Speak soon, Big love :heart:
  • I just used a calculator. Its about 25 hours hehe. I'm pretty about to brave swimming with the scary lady..but I feel prepared. How are you doing?
  • Haha! Yes I did. Had no credit to reply. Thats a really impressive number!! how many free minutes do you get per month all together?
  • Hello :waves: am just on my lunch break

  • Ducks really like snails.Crunch, crunch, yum, yum.:p
  • [FONT=Garamond][SIZE=4][COLOR=green]Sleep well! Right.. This may not be good kidnapping skills, but i'll PM you regarding the kidnapping at some point, so you have prior warning :D. Hehe[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Woohoo!!!

    Logging off now, or I'll never get to sleep... xXx
  • I'd love that :) Small person usually in tow though but she's cute!
  • Hi Sunny :)

    Loving the face paint! Did it taste chocolatey lol :) Laura :)xx
  • Depends on the driver LOL!

    If I'm driving, I'd go visit Jo :) If I'm being kidnapped, it depends on the driver. Tee hee!
  • Absolutely shattered, shattered blind almost, bed in a mo. But I've had a great day. Didn't go to bed on sat night til 5.30am, graaaarrrggrgrgrgrrrhhhh.

    Hope yours was as exciting. I'm hoping to do what I've been doing this weekend more often with the local guys from here, just got to sort it out and get my car fixed so I can do some of the travelling :)
  • Hope you feel better after the wrestling