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  • Hey you, hows things?? have you had a good time away?? Hope all's well in your world :0) x
  • Hiya, yeah wedding was okish, we were expecting loads more people than was there to be honest. Was good to get away from the agro here though, till we got back of course and found some had ripped the wing mirror off my lads car and scratched down the back of it !!!
  • Hiya!, Ah it's a great feeling hey when ya vehicle walks through it's MOT :0) I've been lucky with mine so far, it's passed every year I've had her!
    So how did you get on at Uni? Did you turn up there topless,lol!!! :0)
    Anyway just a quick message to see how you are, I've got packing to do me self gettin ready for Budapest, Fly on Sunday. So enjoy yourself at your daughters which I'm sure you will.
    Carch Ya soon :0) x
  • Evenin!! Hope you've had a good day? Mine mainly sorting out paperwork, Just got back from visitin one of me friends, had a good eve :0)
    So 55 years young hey, as I say plenty of life!!! I'm 37, feel younger as I'm getting older. When ya get older things dont seem to bother you as much as they did when you where younger I think.
    As for meeting people there is someone for everyone and I'm sure that the right one will come along soon :0)
    So good job your friend has insurance with her dog, vet bills can be expensive. A friend of mine has got 2 rescue dogs both with ill health. Anyway she went away on holiday, her dog was in the kennels and had to be rushed in to the vets for an opertation. She came back home to a £1,200 bill Oouch!!!! Although her insurance covers some of it she still had to find just under half that.
    Like you I dont do drugs either, been there done that. Don't really drink, although got to say there has the odd occasion since I lost me mum when I have. I only have to have 1 cider though and I'm 3 sheets to the wind,lol!! :0)
    Anyway be nice for you to get away, where abouts is your daughter? I'm away as from Sunday, going to Budapest.
    Your course sounds interesting, it's always great learning new stuff :0) I went to uni bout 8 years ago now done a degree in Drug use and Addiction, I'm always doing courses of some description. So how longs your course for??
    Anyway, have a great time wiv ya daughter, chat soon :0)
  • My relationships about the same 8 years max but at least have 2 grown up kids and a grandson, its harder starting out again once disabled looking for mrs right , its so sad that they are separated now due to Mums health , you can see in Dads eyes he is sad.

    The dogs having many tests 2 plasters on his front legs and 2 other shaved areas my freid has to pay 10% of the bill thank god for insurance.

    Well I am 55 years young , still some life in me but not sure where I left it ? its great fun riding motorcycles but now just have a convertable smart car, it gets me about even to festivals

    Will be great to meet up with some of the people who use this forum or another I also use one day, I dont do the drink or drugs now but you can not beat the atmosphere

    Going to be away from Friday for a week at least visiting my daughter and my grandson , so cant wait.

    Its great to occuphy your mind even if your ill hence looking forward to starting BA (hons) Web Design doing it part time so its not too much , so I think it starts in August

    Take Care

  • Evenin Andy, hows things? Hope all's well.
    So your mum and dad been together 65 years, bloody hell thats an achievement!! my nan and grandad where together 50 odd years, think thats lovely when it happens hey. My longest relationship 8 years, nothin in comparison hey,lol!!
    You made me laugh bout ya mum touchin your knee, ha ha :0) see still creatin good memories!!
    So hows your friends dog, any news? It's horrible when there ill as you become so attached to them, there part of the family.
    So old biker hey,bet ya not that old, loads of life left in ya yet :0) My partner he has bikes, quite a few infact.The one he uses the most he built himself.
    Anway meeting like minded people, if you ever do any of the same festivals as me, your always welcome to hang out camp with us lot :0) Take it easy, keep smilin, Val x
  • Evenin, hows you?, hope you've had a good day.
    Wow sounds like you have alot going on with regards to health, not just yours but that of your parents too.
    It sounds like you have a close bond with them. It must be hard when you see that someone isn't paying enough attention to details with regards to the care of your mother as you would like. Good on you for standing your ground though and making it the best that you can for her.
    Can imagine how upsetting it is for you. You are looking at what has been and what is now and it hurts. But ya no you have to take the good days when she and you have them. I'm sure theres still parts of her that still creates good times and memories for you :0)
    So whats up with your dad? Is it an age thing rather than a medical?
    I lost my mum last year suddenly, been very difficult at times. We where really close, spoke every day seen each other every week end. It's made me grow and put an emphasis on the important things in life.
    I have a good family, I'm close to both my brother and my sister and the experience has strengthend the bond. Its family and friends that are important hey and connecting with people. Anythin else in life is a blessin and a bonus!!
    Makes you aware of how precious life is in all it's fragility. My dad I dont see my mum and him got divorced when I was 6.
    Anyway thanks for the tip about the small world fest, defo thinking bout doing it, you should try farmer phils and sol fest also the workhouse, think you'd enjoy them too.
    Anyway chin up lovely, keep smilin and creating happy times :0) x
  • Evenin!, So is there any cure for your condition, do you take medication? Think your right about the small world fest, I'd like it, love festy's.
    Always good hanging out wiv like minded folk hey! :0) Might go to the spring one, have you ever been to solfest? thats such a lovely festival aug bank hol, it's in the lake district, got a real nice atmosphere.
    The Essex gatherin I aint sure of yet, maybe, definately worth considering I think :0) Anyway hows ya day been? hope it's been a good one x
  • Ahhh I will have to check out your cats!! are they in the photo albums??
    So forgive me if I sound ignorant but don't know much about chronic fatigue, how did it come about if you don't mind me asking? Small world fest looks fab :0) wont be able to make it there though coz I'll be in essex then visitin my boyfriend, long distant relationships hey!!!,lol! :0)
  • So who is casper and authur?? sorry don't know what CFS is?? have you has your condition long?Sounds like the disabled bit had good facilities hey, showers defo needed this year!! :0) I have a vehicle so I had me own. Small world looks good is that the aug bank hol?
  • Also going to Broadstairs folk week 6th 13th August that's local 2 miles drive every day each way
  • Yeah was great as ever hey! I wanted to see seasick steve but I was seasick sunned out,lol! to hot so sat off in shade somwhere :0)
    HoweverI did see reef,sytem 7, john otway, adrian edmonson and the bad shepherds,faithless,orbital, the orb, dreadzone, newton faulkner,the travelling band, rolf harris and the levellers!missed transglobal underground tho but have seen them before :0) I'm off to farmer phils in a few weeks,cant wait. you got any others planned?
  • Soo who did you go and see at Glasto??? :0) Just flicking through on the site and seen your pics.
  • I read some of your posts and thought you were interesting!
  • Wow that's awesome hunny great news
    Yeah I'm doing good hunny
    Off camping tomorrow till Sunday me and hubby haven't been away together since my first was born 28 yes ago LOL
    Then having seven kids kept us busy LOL
  • its gonna be a good one, we are burning a viking longboat this time, lol everyone is friendly and you would be more than welcome:)
  • hi mate, i dont have a postcode but i can tell you its just outside hornchurch, near upminster. if that helps.:)
  • you are welcome....I think its brilliant you got your place and stuck with it all despite all the s*** ...There is hope for all us oldies still....where will you be going
  • youll be ok we were made waterproof lol
    happy furry friends
  • morning hunny hope you had a top weekend grey and cloudy here but still really warm
    what ya got planned
  • im not too bad hun had a panic attack this morning but seems to be calming down
  • sorry to hear about the sleepless night
    great news on the smallworld gig hunny
    pity you cant make it up to silverdale its a beautiful place
  • hey happy saturday hows it going hunny
    really warm and muggy here today but not much sinshine
    enjoy your day sensi
  • i went to mongeham primary school
  • Cool I grew up in Deal
  • no not going im afraid we are having a small gathering up in silverdale round about the same time hunny
    have a great time x x
  • hiya welcome aboard hunny
    just read your thread so sorry to hear about the pain and the meds i have had agorophobia for 15 years so know how it feels to be isolated i have just recently started trying to get out and thats mainly due to this place
    try and get your self to a uk hippy gathering you will meet some ace peeps
    on 5 years here i have made awesome life long friends hunny
    you take care love sensi
  • Hiya :) Thought I'd be the first to say hello specially as we're the same in as much as, we're both a bit worn round the edges and the sleep thing lol :waves: