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  • Hey Lex.. :waves:
  • I don't think you will, we've had hail, rain, lovely sunshine and of course lots of wind today. But yes doing well and hopefully taking the van down to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days.
  • Hi, hope you're good
  • PART 2 (first message is too long!) - That;ll be me then - going onandonanadon and on - lol
    There's a place 'on the corner' (now called Love juice) which does some nice refreshments

    If you fancy a meet up with an olde for chat, bite to eat, drop to drink, that'd be cool, although understand if other offers circles of opportunities are more appealing.

    As for group gatherings - that'd be quite interesting too - you'll have to keep me appraised of any- should you feel it appropriate
    May your days be Cool - and your nights Beano x
  • Hi Lex,
    I'm an Olde Hippy guy from Wyth in the shaw (South Manchester)
    Of Pagan faith and Hippie conviction
    "Back in the day" the culture of the time, and personal liaison of diverse company, along with and freedom of expression that my parents allowed me made up the basis of persona of witch I am today.
    Your age, and preferred lifestyle and friends it seems, does give one pleasure to see that the artistic spirit of youth continues to thrive.

    My circle is small and more attuned with pagan roots - although do feel that there are significant similarities.
    I know Chorlton and they do have a few events around solstice times (including [COLOR=#000000]fire performance) [/COLOR]although tend to heed more to that faith (although the 2013 gathering at 9 ladies for Litha (summer solstice) was quite Groovy)
    (And there' more...)
  • thanks! c=
  • hiya, please empty your inbox :D
  • Your turn to clear out, again. ;)
  • any good photographer will tell you it's all about the location rather than the camera ;)
  • nothing! i demand a re-shoot!
  • poor show ;)
  • hello :D
    hows tings going ?
  • hiya lex yeah im fine thanks had a really good weekend with my daughter. we went for a really nice picnic by the lake. is that 2 miles from me ?? or london - essex ? im going to the gathering if you would like a lift. hope your ok take care :)
  • yeah im good thanks been a hot busy week. was in london thurs fri and my only advice is dont use the underground in this wearther its too damn hot down there. everyone was melting. where you moving too ? leaving it to the last minute will only add to you stress of moving. you off to essex gathering ?
  • hiya lex hows it going you ok. been upto much :)
  • Hi Lex yeah whats all this about moderated messages? What does it mean?
  • what did you think i meant ? lol
  • i am assuming you know what my delivery is.
    which you have said is not ur thing, i wondered if you did have a thing like... drink, backy, etc
  • ok, cool. do you have a thing ?
  • yeah true.
    you got a delivery ?
  • :(
    yeah, and i had to cancel the next delivery, due to cashflow problems.
  • umm.. lol
    giving up was going great, untill i had a delivery :;):
  • hiya, ahh rite coz of that dofuss the other day ?
    umm three or four rollies so far today. :D
    i did quite a few yrs ago, tho smoked a lot of other stuff.
  • Well I am not really strict pagan like some people, I sort of pick and mix different parts from different religions, but when it comes to it, I think most of religion is the same thing, just in a different language or through someone elses eyes, and dont think one true religion will be right, just because religion and spirituality is a personal thing, so it is different for different people!

    Anyhow sorry for my long essay on religion :P

    What brought you to UKH?
  • Nope this is the first time i wil have been, mainly because I dont drive and its the first time ive had access to go, but ive been to local solstices with my parents and stuff, because they are quite pagany :)
  • Its the solstice on saturday night, so there are quite a few of my freiends going and it seems quite a few people from UKH are going Ithink to, It shoul be good fun!
  • Ah cool, how come your going to wales? I am off to avebury at the weekend :D Soooooooooo excited!