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  • Hiya you, don't worry about not replying sooner......Ive been busy on our van inside done, just messin with spray paint putting stars, hearts, moon, and other crap on it besides all the stickers that are already on it!!! Yeah went to see doves and mumfords and sons last weekend which was awesome....then went to see a new folk band winter mountain band and ocean colour scene it was great. Seeing martin harley band on thursday night....should be another good one.

    what you been up to? tell me to mind my own if i'm too nosey!!! I can take it. LOL

    Take it easy x
  • Hi Joe, how are you today.....i've not been on much, spent the weekend seeing bands which was great, but gotta a stinkin cold and feel like shit!! Have a great week
  • Hi joe,just been looking through your pics of your previous the old pembroke caravan orange/white i had one of those on my farm for a while the council tried to get it off lucky for me it had been there for more than 4yrs so tough luck on them,don't have much time for councils.Looks a great place where you live now ,im looking to move in the future to some where really quiet no traffic just peace cert not nr london as that where i am at the present.
    Best of luck
    Mark (horseman)
  • Morning, hope you have a great day.........more music games??? Maybe for me later!!!
  • hiya joe mate how are you . im good thanks looking forward to the essex gathering are you going. are you on the road. looks like its gonna be a proper hot summer. where are you based. maybe hook up for a coffee sometime. thanks joe. :)
  • alrite joe, nice to meet you, where in suffolk are you? im in bury
  • To be honest I don't have any mega plans. I work at Glastonbury as a face painter on the kids field so I'm going there soon for a week. I work full time so it's difficult for me to take time out sometimes. Plus I'm trying to save at the mo so I can buy a narrow boat. Probably take me ages, but at least I have a goal!! Bit of a goal woman! Your trip sounds pretty ace. Have a rfabtastic time
  • Heh! Nah I don't scare easily!! ;)
  • Aw :) Well if you ever fancy a visit to the old place you'd be most welcome on my drive :D
  • Yeah I know Friskney... It's further over towards the coast from me, I'm between Boston and Horncastle :D
  • So what you got planned for the summer? Make some new memories too
  • Oh well, at least you have memories. I know people can't see them but you have them
  • Hi Joewalkernomad,
    Thanks for putting me on your friends list. Sorry I haven't been on-line for a while, but we have been moving into a bungalow in Lincolnshire! We are now waiting for a landline and internet connection, which should be this week. so once on-line again, we will be back on-site to talk to you all. I love the rickshaw photo. In India they piled people on like those haystacks! We livind in a trailer/static for a few years as well. We would havestayed in our truck on the road, but it was getting more and more difficult to do so, legally. Not sure we want all the hassle these days. but we shall still be going odd places in our truck. regards Hippiechick2
  • I know! I haven't been on the site for a long time.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, I will look into it. I have seen some ads for places, but usually just for a day or a week and I am looking for something a little longer.

  • Aw thanks mate, appreciate it. I might pick your brains about the electrics yet if I can't work it out! I think I've more or less got it sorted... gonna have a proper go at the weekend.
  • Transit engine thank goodness! A steady old plodder! I'm just waiting for someone to weld the floor for me then I can get on with it!! Bought the timber today for the inside, but struggling to get my head round the electrickery bit!
  • i have put it on gumtree but not ebay usually get alot of time wasters there
  • Hiya, liking 'the past homes'. Hope you are well
  • Hello! :D I'm friending you because I may want to pick your brain about conversions!! :angel:
  • :waves:hello, thought id be the first to christen ya message board....