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  • Hi,

    New on here and trying to say hi to as many local-ish people as possible.
    I sent you a message although never haviing done this stuff before I may well not have done it right.
    Could you let me know if you got it to see if I am as form technologically retarded as I think I may be :)
  • I thought we were already friends! *confuzzled* :confused:
  • Hey, I haven't been home since the 22nd, but I hadn't received it by then. Will let you know when I get back
  • hiya hun could you tell me were we put links to things
    ta sensi
  • please can you close my boot thread hun
  • Hi Missus, I've filled in your fb questionairre and posted it in your inbox xxx
  • :waves: morning lovely! :sunflower it's absolutely beautiful here today! lots of sun and i don't have to go to work! :sun: have a tune for a summery morning...:hug: xxx
    [ame=""]YouTube- sunshine superman-Donovan[/ame]
  • I voted for you. Where's my stuff? :mad:
  • That's ok. It looks like I might be moving sooner than I thought I was anyway, so I probably wont get to see you after all! Oh well, maybe if you go to a gathering I'll see you then? :)
  • I won't be home then, I'll be in Cardiff from the 22nd to the 26th. I might be free for a bit after that though, will let you know
  • Hey dude, I'm doing one of my brief visits home at the mo. I'll be moving soonish, so if we don't meet up soon we may never meet! :D
  • LMFAO, that pic is brilliant babe! Sooooo...are you now Primehipster Hippy Han?!! Woxxx
  • A promise is a promise, I want my hair straighteners ... preferably delivered personally :reddevil:
  • That, my dear, is for me to know ;)
  • I was always untrusting ... I want my hair straighteners, and I want them now :P
  • [COLOR=DarkRed]This is a trick question isn't it? [/COLOR]
  • Well done I will send you a glass of homemade.
  • Your welcome, just voted.
  • O.K you got my vote, checked out your profile and a smoking nurse is good enough for me.
    My derm is always telling me to give up smoking.

    On my way to vote now.

  • ooo sly! haha :D
    but..i have no use for hair straighteners! :insane:
  • As you asked, maybe.
    Whats in it for me?
    Can I have the free Hashis before i vote?
    Who is going to train me to use the toilet?

    Not voted yet.

  • Thanx :) I read about voting, but didn't have the time to read everyones opinions :P
  • and how do you vote for people? Im not understanding this at all
  • I did read your manifesto (after i voted Doh!) and i have to say i'm happy with my vote! Had to look up 'hypertrichologist' and was pleased to learn i will be able to get rid of those few stray hairs i have on my shoulders. There aren,t many but it's a real pain having to shave them every few weeks :) All power to Moyne!
  • Oh yeah trying to butter me up for a vote are ya? ;) Hello to you and thank you for the welcome. Wasn't gonna vote as im new but seeing as you asked... Ok :) good luck.
  • Be even better if Arsenal lose at the weekend and we win, trumping them to 3rd place and not even needing to qualify would top the season off! Perhaps they'll hold the final at White Hart Lane!!
  • Stick it in the post! I thought voting was meant to be anonymous!!! :P Go Moyne! Let's have all the fun we want, when we want!!
  • I had to string them along, it was all part of my plan! Honest! :D
  • But...but...but...I've just this very second voted for you!
  • Well I'm doing my best to make sure nobody votes for me...