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  • WOOO!!!! I knew it, had to be, lol :D
  • Groovey, i be :) its good man, i've done alot of cool stuff, the works hard but im doing well and its almost over, so its thumbs up, lol :)
  • I'm good thanks, been finnishing off all my college work, most fun, lol. u? :)
  • Hi, Im new to the forum too. Noticed you are not far from me in Cheshire. Hope you are well. Just wanted to say Hi
  • It was for a benifit gig last year at the o2 london, He only did the leppzlin hits but it was simply epic! lol
  • hi masonbelle - welcome to the forums :) not this place specifically but someone did set up a group called uk hippies and alot of the people from here are joined up to that group but the two aren't related at all :) I think there might also be a page for this place cos i think i might be a fan of it lol.. best thing is probably just to search under ukhippy on facebook n see what you come up with :) if its this place then you'll recognise the logo :) hope that answers your question x
  • No probs, I dont mind, lol, I saw Robert Plant play all his Zepplin hits with a raga band, twas amazing! Ahh man, that sucks, Camden's great, my fav place in london, there's a few decent clubs, pubs etc... the markets are fab, being london its a tad pricey, good fun tho. I was hoping to do the camden crawl this year but they waked the price up, which was a bit crap, lol
  • Hey, i see your new to the forum, hence much welcomness :)