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  • Tried to reply to your iddem thread but was unable to. The riddem you was last looking for was [h=1]queen majesty riddem i think.[/h]
  • Well hello there :waves:, thanks for popping in :D
  • I think i get what you mean about the release and then feeling tired . It is draining being honest with yourself . I tend to write things down that I wanted to say to people who are no longer here or who I cant talk to then burn it to release it ! Just remember you are not alone and spring is all about new beginings .
  • hi just been reading your post in the how are you feeling thread . Sorry to hear your feeling so down at the moment .One thing that helps me is to remember that the only time that counts is now . We can do nothing about the past and the future never turns out how we think it will ! Hope that sort off helps ! peace and light .
  • Hey, how you doing?
  • Hey there 'flash'...thanks for adding me to your friend list. Hey, where in Somerset are you? I use to study at SCAT and live in the mighty taunton in bloom. many a night listening to Bob and losing my cider lol.
  • hey your avatar - i was sent that postcard many years ago. cool stuff. have fun at the glastonbury gig - all the best :)
  • sorry .have done :D
  • I had a feeling, you were having a *moment* ..just wondered what had made you feel so peculiar...
  • what`s up mister??
  • she's hot!!!!!!! :pp
  • Heya dudey,
    Hows tricks ?
    havnt really spoken to anyone for cpl a weeks ,
    you guys ok ?
  • the man is a legend! he's now laying new floor tiles in the kitchen cos the floor bugs him (i couldn't care less - am a slovenly mare - thank the various gods he's houseproud or we would live in a skip not a flat) was thinking some more about the small types - will PM
  • they are german army mountain boots - stupidly huge - and fantastic - i shall take pictures in a bit - i get the hectic - keep your feet on the ground and don't get dragged in by the gravity of it all ;)
  • good thanx :) got some HUGE boots today :) how you diddling?
  • pretty good yourself?
  • ah hello lovely, its going good. i just realised it was you who said my glasto tor pic was good so thank you :D xxx
  • charge your phone and turn it on :)
  • Good luck with tomorrow's exam!
  • Top of the morning to you matey-hope you have a good day whatever you have planned.I like the avatar:)
  • :P never mind lol but it did make me smile :D
  • yeah i know what it was.thought you meant something else by asking about thing.i just smoke fags.but i could never give it up in a million years.ive cut down to only ten a day though.i drink socially.getting drunk at the weekend.
  • [I]what? ;) [/I]can you elaborate?
  • nah.not my thing :)
  • oh! bad times, at least its only for a while.once you get more cash all will be good:D
  • has the delivery run out yet? ;)
  • Cool! I lived in Croydon for about 25 years (apart from 1 year in Manchester) before moving down here a couple of months ago. Think I'm getting used to Somerset now :D
  • Ahhhh, I see! :D It's more like 5 inches, but still pretty near! Next time there is a Somserset gathering I hope all us Somerseters can get together (Even though I'm from London ;) )
  • I'm fine thanks. Where's Bridgy? I can't find it on my map! :D
  • Hey dude, just noticed you're in Somerset. Me too! Where abouts are ya?