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  • parcel just arrived hunny thankyou very much its awesome
  • painting en route hunny with a couple of little goodies in there too
    enjoy your day love sensi
  • hunny if you like the canvas your welcome too it
    let me know ill send to the same addy next week
    hugs sensi
  • pants enroute hunny
  • paypal would be fine hunny if thats ok or concealed cash
    postage would be two pounds of thats ok
    sorry i havent been in touch about the art we had a major disastor here hence the reason im having a sale
    hugs sensi
  • am gonna rack me brain bout other authors now, ave read tons of stuff that comes under urban fantasy but me brain has gone blank, frazzled end to the week! am aay no til tue/wed but am gonna take the inspiration with me :)
  • :hippy:Hiya I'm really inspired by urban fantasy now - art, stories, daydreaming yay. Do you think we shud ask the mods to alter your thread title to include urban fantasy authors? Thanks for the inspiration :)
  • It's about the same distance from me too, I'm just over the border in East Lancs :)
  • West Yorks eh? I spend a fair bit of time over that way in Todmorden :) Lovely place!
  • Hello :) How are you? I really like your art x