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  • Hi Blackbutterfly, hope you are well today.
  • hey darl i just read the mod squad posting...dont worry darl...we've all had it when we're takes some getting used to when u first start using a forum..its much diffrent from using diffrent social networks :) keep making friends...and discovering new things on here...most members are understanding an lovely people, i'm so glad u joined i may use the site a little more now :) love n light an i'll see you tomorrow yey :hippy:
  • Hi , how are you this rainy day !!!! I`m quite happy to see the rain, it means I dont have to water all the veg!
  • morning hunny sun is out but theres a black cloud looming
    you have a nice day love sensi
  • You're welcome. :) Good to meet you, you have some fine taste in music.
  • thankyou sweetheart and when your feeling down please come here and pm me we can chat and hopefully i can cheer you up hugs sensi
  • i have huntingtons coreah and i wonder if there is anyone here who has this as it would be nice to meet others like
  • Pleasure x
  • No worries, good luck with getting published..... enjoy the forums. :)
  • you are welcome. good to meet you. x
  • i have put up some of my poetry please take your time to read as feed back is much nedded thank youxxx its in the poem corner...blackbutterfly xxxx
  • i have put a poem up on the poems corner x