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  • Hi, I'm fine thanks. Good luck with it all. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ XX
  • Hi hon, hows it going?
  • Hi, hope things are going well. Hope you finished your essay ok. I was hoping to go out saturday last week but had to cancel due to being skint! Get paid next week so hopfully can go out and have some fun!!!! Love and best wishes
  • Hmmm, well you're still probably cheaper for me to get to, since the cost of trains is so bloody expensive to get around here! :D
  • Because most of the hippies here live up either in the North or South West of England or in Wales! So you're nearer to me than most of the people from here are! There doesn't seem to be many in London for some reason! :D
  • Hi hon, how are you? Hope you are well. What you been up to? I'm training as a reflexologist at the moment and have been pretty busy doing case studies for my assessments
  • Hi, how arte you today. I joined in April too and have found this to be a lovely site. maybe we could be friends? Loving the green hat by the way, absolutely devine!!
  • [COLOR=magenta]lol mine is the best anyway - any problems give me a shout xxx[/COLOR]
  • [COLOR=magenta]Welcome to the forums and please vote pink xxxx[/COLOR]