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  • Hello, hope you're enjoying the lovely sunsine! What's new? :)
  • Hi Marley, just flicking through and came across your profile. How mad, we do the same job, I'm a keyworker in a homeless hostel!! :0) and really not all that for from you. I live near Chester. So how long have you been doing your job?? It's never a dull moment is it hey,lol! :0)
  • Ta! i will.
    9 - 5 work is not good for the soul.
    the inland waterways are lovely get there as soon as you can.
    why not look at the fiberglass narrow boats there a lot cheeper.
    if you ever need any info about narrowboats as in what boats or parts are the best or where to buy one cheep let me know i will put you in contact with my mum see is very into all that.
    have fun, see ya!
  • Glad you're starting to feel better. That's such a nasty thing to try and shake off.
    I'm good thanks, been tinkering about outside with various plants (herbs mainly) and containers. I'm trying to teach myself some gardening skills and have been growing quite a lot of things from seed. It's quite a novelty for me as I've never had any space to grow things before. I've discovered I'm a bit more green fingered than I thought! Only had one disaster so far, but that wasn't my fault as it involved a sunflower and the neighbour's kid's football! :rolleyes:
    Other than that we went to the Bath & West show last weekend. It's a countryside show type thing, and I must confess I did come home with more herb seedlings!
  • Hey, how're you doing? Hope you're feeling better. Sending hugs your way.. :hug:
  • pretty busy.. the last weeks of my internship.. so have to finish a lot of papers and stuff, tomorrow meeting with friends for a bbq :) looking forward to that, how are you?
  • well a mate of mine has just bought a house near Sofa in Bulgeria and needs his stuff taking down so i might drive down there and a frend wants to come so we might hang around for a cupple of months and see the country.
    what about you anything interesting?

    P.s if theres any spelling mistakes please forgive, TA!
  • yer that what i think, its just a good thing i have a good memory.
    otherwise id be beggerd!
  • Hi there. Sorry for the late reply! :)
  • he he he i love hetty too. thank you very much x x
  • he he he i love hetty too. thank you very much x x
  • TA! yer i thought it might appeal to some people on here.
    just wish i took photos of all the others ive had.
  • :waves: Hi Marley! :D
  • hi, hope you had a great weekend :) a friend of mine is thinking of doing face painting for children's parties and things - she can do the face painty bit no probs - do you need to get CRB checked or owt tho for working with the kids? I'm from near nott'm originally too :)
  • I have been busy with an essay for my sociology class. I've got a week of from my internship at a museum, so I can work on some school things. Tonight I'm gonna visit a friend of mine and have a drink and such ;)
  • Hi, I've lived in Manchester for about 14 years now. I moved here from Nottingham. I like the Northern quarter. It has gotten alot better over the years. Not alot happening when I first moved here. Where abouts in Cheshire do you live?
  • :waves: Hi love the pics you've posted of your crafty stuff, beautiful, such lovely textiles.
  • Hihi ofcourse we can be friends ;) I love the hat too :)
  • hey...ive lived in cheshire all my long hav u livd in manchester? ive bin there a fair few times..went the green room and around the northern quarter