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  • yer i figured that you must have been moving around.
    i expect there to be delays in talking as i go missing for days aswell.
    have fun with new bung
  • Hi All,
    Sorry to have been off-line for a while, but we have been busy moving into a little bungalow in Lincolnshire! I know, I know, we are not on the road anymore. It was getting more and more difficult living that way, but we still have the beast of a truck and shall be still doing some travelling. We are now waiting for internet connection, which seems to be a bit of a problem, but we should be on-line this week. So will be back chatting to you all. Have a great day. Hippiechick2 x
  • hello.
    love the photos.
    ive always wanted to drive to india my self i get annoyed when peopel say to me there is no way to get to india by road.
    well now insted of just arguing with them i can point them in the direction of your selves.
    i have frended you if thats ok as i would like to ask some questions later on.
  • Love the trucks. Tavira wasn't that wet last time we were there.. Might pick your brains on routes through Morocco.
  • Horray! I've found another Waltons fan! Now that IS interesting with a name like Rambo!!!! My husband loves the Waltons too, though he keeps quiet about that. Watch Zeitgeist 1 & 2 and Wake Up Call 2008 they are my beliefs in a nutshell.
  • :waves:Just thought I'd say hi.I was looking at your posts and profile and was intigued to see i'm not the only waltons fan and sceptic of global warming(be green and buy our widget etc....:whistle:).Hope all is ok and you're having a good day:)
  • hi well if you went east along the river a couple of miles you would hit woodford - that's where we are!!!
    we have a busy week with kids off school and oxford folk festival this weekend, but i would love to see some of your campervans - i really want one, a LWB high top transit or merc - gotta fit 2 part time kids in too lol!!

    thank you for sharing your photos,

    abby (and andy) xx
  • hi... just looked through your pictures... wonderful :) we are off traveling soon, round europe to start with but i can see us going further afield in time... thanks for sharing your travels has given me even more inspiration & encouragement to go see the world :)
  • Hi Hippie, thanks he's a bit of a sweety.he does about 22mpg, and sits at 45 mph happily,bit of a sluggard going up hills, crash box is a larf.Parts for engine are ok there were a lot made, having fun locating the filler cap that I lost tho', he was a library truck so his body is a bit special,

    Off to look at your piccies now
  • Hiya welcome aboard
    Just been browsing your pics. Fantastic
    You have visited some amazing places
    Have a great weekend
    Love light and rainbows sensi
  • welcome to hippyville ! love the truck, what a beauty! :D
  • hiya, welcome, wonderful photos! we are in northants too, near thrapston..........do you park up in northants a lot? abby xx
  • Hey Cindy - welcome!
    Love your lorry it's huge! I'm getting a van later this year to convert to live-in. Would love to see more pics of the one's you've had - maybe get some inspiration:D